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  1. The CCJ shows as is and does not have settled status on the credit file. However, the credit card debt related to it is showing as settled with the added remark that a full and final settlement was reached. Unfortunately, i don't know any more details whether there was a DCA involved or the settlement was with the original creditor. I became aware of this development when i checked my credit file.
  2. I was the primary card holder and i was the one who applied for the card and initially i was the only one with the card, i got my wife the additional card (same account) later. i hope i am making sense.
  3. Hi CAG team, I have an account which had a CCJ on it. A full and final settlement was reached on this account by my ex wife. It also shows as settled on my credit report with the added information that a full and final settlement was reached. I do not have any paper work to prove that other than the credit report and i have no contact with my wife. My question is that i have read so many horror stories where customers were chased by DCAs even for settled accounts. What rights do i have if that were to happen to me and what documents will i require to prove that and i feel really stupid asking this but how do i get hold of the relevant paper work. regards
  4. hi CAG team, My home was recently repossessed. The entry on my credit file shows the mortgage account as settled. What will happen in case of mortgage shortfall, will there be a new entry made on my credit file or will they enter the information on the mortgage account. regards
  5. hi CAG team, I have four entries in my credit report for two credit card accounts. Two of them show the original company that the credit cards were with and they show the accounts in default, the last time these were updated was roughly two years ago. However the same accounts are shown again with a different company which shows them as settled and these were updated recently. I have not settled these accounts myself. Both these cards were only in my name. Can somebody explain this, any ideas? regards
  6. Hi CAG team, I have a credit card debt. A full and final settlement was reached. Can you tell me when will it come off my credit report. Will it be 6 years from date of settlement or from the original default date. regards
  7. Hi CAG, credit report check by post or online, which is preferable?
  8. Hi, i hope everybody is well. Insomnia gives me lot of pains.i can't control it.
  9. hi everybody has gone quite. what happened gals. are u guys busy or just keeping the distance.
  10. hi i have seen annualcreditreport.co.uk publicised elsewhere, can some body tell me if their reports are comprehensive. they charge 5 pounds for life time of annual credit reports. are they worth it. thank you
  11. How did you deal with the experience of having DCA at your doorstep, share with us.
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