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  1. I'm maybe being a bit thick, I thought if it ever happened to me I'd know all the elephant in the room questions but I can't think of anything sensible to ask...... It all started a month or so ago with excruciating stomach pains and loss of appetite [a biggie for me], then a few days ago it got so bad that I went to the quacks and had bloodtests within 72 hours was referred to the local hospital, I'm a funny shade of yellow at the mo so I guess I knew something was going a bit wonky. should have had the biopsy today but it was cancelled and replaced with a phonecall and Oramorph + Zomorph 60mg capsules.... .. I suppose the question is, has anyone had experience of this [Pancreas and Liver] with a relative and how long do I have? I'm not daft and have googled until I'm blue in the face and nothing really tells you what to expect and when.. ..... honestly, I'm 48 and pretty much at peace with everything [might be the morphine tho, lol] so any life experiences gratefully received. The cancer nurse was lovely and asked if I had any questions but for the first time in my life I couldn't think of anything sensible
  2. I'd be inclined to draft something to the other party referring to your conversation and its reluctance to make application to set aside the judgment. If it knows it had no cause v you and seems intent on [mis]using the judgment as leverage on another party it should really be brought to courts notice within the application....... also, I assume you'll be including within the application a request for an order to recover your costs.
  3. Talktalk doesn't seem to understand free........ here's my 'freebie', apparently I'm just 1 of many thousands clogging up its phone lines to advise it of my utter disgust. Monthly Charges Mobile Part Month 077******** Value (v4) - 1m SIM Only 22 Dec - 31 Dec 1.61 ^ 077******** 100MB Free Data Boost 22 Dec - 31 Dec free ^ Total 1.61 Advance 077******** Value (v4) - 1m SIM Only 1 Jan - 31 Jan 5.00 077******** 100MB Free Data Boost 1 Jan - 31 Jan free Total 5.00 Total New Charges including VAT 6.61 Total Payable including VAT 6.61
  4. Perhaps a post to remind anyone looking in at a later date to check their heads of [inco] terms when importing goods to the UK.
  5. Thought you'd had a reply [re; tribunal] but it seems to have disappeared Given the value involved it may be a simpler, quicker and cheaper option to issue a money claim on the sct........ would certainly help if you could evidence the contractual term/s regarding expenses.
  6. That's plainly wrong and very naive........ the consignee contracts the carriage, there's no getting away from incoterms. This has been discussed numerous times on this forum.
  7. What export duties are we considering? Its probably a valid point; the eu doesn't impose export duties, UK exports are zero rated for VAT purposes [VAT MOSS excepted ] so I suppose it will fall to competition and the will of the incumbent government at the time.
  8. Unless anyone is naive enough to believe an exit wouldn't affect their household budget surely we should be asking ourselves whether the eu provides us with access to stable trade. £/capita is iro £120.00 [gone up a tad with the incumbents fudging the employment/gdp data], do we believe the current government would negotiate down a little over £2.00 per week or do we believe it would be driven by taxation?
  9. It wouldn't be unusual for the other side to request an extension to file defence whilst negotiations are ongoing, nor would it be unusual for it to browbeat a LiP into a relatively low compromise or acceding to a demand with the threat of application for costs. Without sight of the content of its correspondence I can only guess that it seeks your agreement for an extension absent which it will make application for same requesting costs in the case. Posts 8 & 10 should provide you with ample information regarding 'costs in the case'
  10. I'd think whatever you send it will reject, I personally wouldn't waste the price of a stamp on responding but........ that's me If you do feel inclined to reply [and assuming it is relying on pofa, it'll be buried somewhere in the ntk] you could remind it that its out of time and it would be sensible to cancel the charge.
  11. My preference would be in for trade agreements but out for article 45........ I suppose the question is whether you can have your cake and eat it
  12. I think its code 35 for non display of a disc Hopefully someone versed in your situation will be along later to assist
  13. Seems about right for nominee fees, usually around the £2k mark + 15-20% of realisations If you entered into an IVA and it failed because you declined to service at the agreed rate then it seems highly unlikely the FOS would find in your favour
  14. I think what you meant to say is the posts were shamefully picking away at the vile and disgusting attitude of the current incumbents to the poorest in UK society.
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