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  1. He did not know he had a policy. I have written back to Halifax to question why they added and insurance loan when the box on the agreement was unticked and I have also asked them to provide a policy number and the terms & conditions of the policy as he has never received anything formal regarding any insurance! I will see what they come back with as it MAY??? be possible that he could make a claim of it if its legit? I have worked out that the insurance loan plus interest he has been paying since 2007 plus the statutory 8% would is more than the balance left on the loan, so I have suggested a refund and to use the approx £490 to be used against the credit card. Of course they will reject this, but its worth a pop! I have also set up online banking for the CC and the current account and will next go through these and look at the charges etc, and see if i can get them reveresed (with interest). since I first wrote to them 1 Oct, and asked them to stop collection activity, freeze interest and charges, they have failed to acknowledge this request and continued to make the charges. Also they have failed to stop theire collection agents Albion Collections & Power2contact, he continues to get about 5 calls a day and has even had a doorstep visit so I have also advised the Halifax of a formal harrassment complaint. i will await theur respinse and keep you updated! Any more advice is always greatly appreciated! Many thanks
  2. Hi All, Time for an update and some advice please - I have finally received a copy of the loan agreement and the loan statement, the agreement is signed but there is clearly a box that was not ticked which is for the Personal Loan Repayments cover, however on the statemtn the Halifax have added a whopping £4618.53 insurance loan plus interest totaling £5869.92!!!! I am hoping that as the box is not signed, they cannot apply these charges and want to write and ask them to credit the amount plus 8% back onto the account - CAN I DO THIS?!?! I also think his financial situation would not be nearly as bad if this had not been inflated on his loan and pushed the repayments up as the loan and repayments would have been much lower Need to know what to do next..... Thank you in advance!!!
  3. Hi All, Thanks for your comments. In answer to your points 1) Yes I have his written consent to act on his behalf 2) The income he is getting is currently 'cash in hand' for vehicle repairs & maintenance, and from bank of Mum & Dad 3) He is 38 I think the credit card & loan agreements were set up some time ago when he was employed and getting a regular income 4) He did a tax return last year as being self employed & his income was under the £5k threshold, so he doesn't even pay income tax, he is not on any benfits 5) I think its worth a go firstly contacting the Halifax to get them to freeze the accounts so the interest & charges stop, and then try to agree a repayment plan Thanks agaion for all the help
  4. Hi All, I'm looking for advice for my brother, who has just revealed he has just over £20K of debt which is now out of control!!! The debt is all with the Halifax split as follows - Current Acc = overdrawn £1841 and incurring £30 per month charge Credit Card = £9509 (credit limit £9000) and estimated interest next month = £175. I am worried that the fact he is now over the limit due to the interest, he will also incur charges for this too, which will just push the debt up and up Personal Loan = £8805 this has increased by £286 in just ten days between letters, so again if this sort of increase is happening, its worse & worse! His situation is - lives with parents, has no regular income as has been trying to set up his own business (i think this is where all the borrowing has come in) has no assets worth speaking of. Obviously I need to act FAST and write to the halifax to explain the situation is now unmanageable, but i need advice on what to tell them etc, it is possible that he will be able to make minimal payments, but due to the size of the debt, they may not accept this. Also can we get them to agree to freeze the accounts and not charge any more interest or default charges etc? Once we are corresponding, I'm hoping for a final solution, as he is now at his wits end and I'm worried for his sanity! Then finally, any advise on bankruptsy, DRO's etc? thank you in advance for any help!!!
  5. Thank you - please confirm that making a SAR will not be considered acknowledgement & restart the 6 year clock? TY!
  6. Hi... Bank sooner than expected, after browsing other threads & as we are having other issues with HSBC / Lowells, I have just checked my CRA and have noticed that neither of the debts I am being chased for are listed.... what does this mean? That they do not exist / enforceable?? ~fingers crossed!!!)
  7. Thank you both for your responses, i will get the letters out tomorrow and keep you posted. I believe that possibly 50% of the debt may be made up of charges and PPI was misssold, so could possibly be a counterclaim against MBNA, but we'll cross that bridge if / when we get the SAR info from MBNA! Enjoy the bank holiday..... and thanks again
  8. Hi, New to the forum and looking for help & advice with an ongoing issue with Arrow Global. To summarise a letter from Fredrickson Int Ltd was received in April 2011 stating an old MBNA balance was being chased. We sent back a CCA request letter immediately along with the £1 postal order, specifically requesting - 1. A signed copy of the alleged credit agreement you refer to. 2. A detailed transactional statement of account totalling the amount claimed to be owed 3. A signed certified copy of the deed of assignment of the above referenced agreement that you allege exists. This weekend, we have received a pack from Arrow Global which was made up of = 1) A signed 'tear off slip' it is not clear if this is an application form or signed credit agreement 2) copy of terms and conditions 3) One page statement from MBNA dated April 2008 on which the MBNA account number is completely different to what has been quoted on all the correspondence and what has been hand written on the signed document they have sent. I am after some advice on how to proceed, particulary with the following - 1) They have taken five months to respond to the CCA request 2) The account number on the MBNA statement does not match the one Arrow have used on correspondence or the number hand written on the signiture slip 3) How do i know if the signiture slip they have sent is from the application form or credit agreement (is this relevant?) 4) As they have only sent one page statement, i cannot recall when the last payment was made, there is also interest and late payment charged - should I also be sending a SAR to MBNA to get the complete account history? 5) Arrow have failed to validate the assignement of debt from MBNA Looking forward to hearing from you! Many thanks in advance
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