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  1. Tuttsi, I have been unable to ascertain how you have identified any individual mortgage data from the Farringdon Mortgage No1 document (post No. 3). I ask as a previous client of mine has 3 BTL mortgages with Rooftop, over which they have appointed an LPA Receiver and are being very difficult with excessive charges and refusal to remove the Receiver. I will probably want to start a separate thread on this, but would appreciate any help you can give with FM No. 1 in the meantime. VMT SM
  2. I am a retired mortgage broker and am appalled at the behaviour of a number of lenders who used to encourage my colleagues and me to promote their products. I have friend with a buy to let portfolio, which includes MX as a lender. So far they have been gentle with him (I would like to think that my presence at the meetings between him and his 'account manager' might have induced some caution on their part, but I am not sure). I find it interesting that MX are quoting terms from their Ts&Cs of 2010 - which did not form any part of the Mortgage Deed (Contract) my friend signed. I am not an expert in contract law, but I am confident that a contract cannot be summarily varied by one party to that contract without the concurrence of the other party. I suspect that each of you should be digging out your individual Mortgage Deeds and reading the small print. MX's reliance on the 2010 Ts&Cs suggests to me that there is something within those which is missing from the original Deeds. You should bear in mind that the presence of 'Terms' in offer documents will not form part of the Deed unless the Deed explicitly states this. It is also possible that your Conveyancer, if they did not advise you of the Lender's rights and remedies when you signed the Mortgage Deed might, themselves, be liable to a claim for redress under their Professional Indemnity Insurance. Could this be manoeuvred to set up one of the major insurance companies to take a class action against the lenders?
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