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  1. Thanks for all your help and advice.It was a very stressful time back in August and now i'm so glad its finally over:-)
  2. UPDATE-Finally paid of Quick Quid-last payment was on 31/01/12. couldn't pay Decembers payment due to Xmas and they where ok with me deferring til 31/01/12 as ther other 3 payments where ontime as paid by Direct Debit. Also Payday UK was paid of aswell. I am now free from the Payday loans and I will never use them again.
  3. UPDATE..Paid Payday UK this morning-so 2 payments to go.. Quick Quid- Payment by Direct debit-so 3 payments to go. Still refused to give them my debit card details so agreed to D/D..So far they have taken just the amount agreed and not a penny more. So on route to be debt free for the New Yr..
  4. Also they do freeze the interest and no further charges or fee's added on.
  5. I'm in the same boat with Payday UK. I rang them in August and explained that i was unable to pay but had to wait til account defaulted at the end of August. Got a phone call on 01 September and agreed to a 3 month repayment plan starting at the end of September..
  6. SO 2 DOWN 2 TO GO:-) Lending Stream sent me a text this morning to confirm the loan is paid off..Just spoken to them and have just received an email to confirm payment in full also... Quackquack-If Quick Quid refuse to give me there bank details-how can i pay them via Pre paid debit card.
  7. Quick Quid are the only 1's that are refusing to hand over there bank details, so at the moment i am due to pay them via direct debit. i have emails to confirm the amounts and dates of payments. don't know how else to pay them?? Does the Quick Quid rep still post on here because i sent her an email over 2 weeks ago and she hasn't replied.
  8. NO, had a agreement to pay them by 14/09/11- before they started to add further charges. Paid them in 3 installments via bank transfers but still had to chase them to confirm they had received all 3 payments.
  9. UPDATE..I have now paid off Payday Express- just received email to confirm ZERO balance.. SO 1 down 3 to go.. Also paid Lending Stream this morning via faster payment so will ring them on Wednesday to make sure they have received all my payments. So i'm nearly there clearing my debts-just Payday UK and Quick Quid to pay-will stick to repayment plan to be clear both loans by the end of the yr..
  10. My debt with Payday Express is also £500. I rang them before i defaulted and agreed a repayment plan over 5 months but reducing the interest each month-refused to freeze the interest or paying of full balance before 14/09/11. Wanting to end this relationship with Payday Express i decided to ask my sister.
  11. UPDATE..I agreed to pay Lending Stream off and they have given me till 16/09/11 to pay the full amount-with no interest added on. After speaking to my sister last night she agreed to lend me £320.00 to pay off Payday Express-at least my sister not charging me any interest:-D...They have given me till 14/09/11.. Finally defaulted on Payday UK last night so just received a call from there collections and have agreed to pay £50.00 by Tuesday then remaining balance over 3 months. Re Quick Quid i have already set up a repayment plan. Been such a fool borrowing the money from the Payday Lenders but now i just have to stick to the payment arrangements and hopefully will be debt free by the New Yr..
  12. THANKS Sillygirl1-i know your right..Will ask my sister or brother for help instead or i have an arranged overdraft so can use that-gonna be cheaper than dealing with Payday Express any longer. Now i will wait for Payday UK to ring.
  13. Already paid £180 towards Payday Express at Barclays this morning. When i spoke to collections he also said that if i was to pay £320 before 14/09/11 that would clear the balance or continue to pay monthly to reduce the interest-again i have a email to confirm both options. Obviously i want to get rid of them ASAP so may ring my mortgage provider as mortgage not due til 09/09/11 and see if i can pay a reduced amount in September-i've never had to ask before as mortgage always paid on time-can't ask my family or friends for money as they don't know what a mess i'm in.
  14. Just got of the phone from Payday Express as they sent me email and texts saying i have defaulted. Rang Collections and explained an agreement was agreed with Jo on 26 August. I finally have an email confirming what was agreed. Had a call from Payday UK advising me that the payment has failed this morning. she advised me still unable to set up a repayment plan as they have to try to collection the payment again at 2030-told he not to bother because that will also fail also.
  15. I have just rang Santander for them to check for any pending debit card payment-just incase Payday Uk decide to attempt to get there money. Bearing in mind i reported my debit card lost last week and still waiting on my new card to arrive. He adviced me because its a loan i am repaying, that type of company my still be able to get there payment tomorrow as its a recurring debit card payment. Is that correct????. Worried now as i wont have enough money left to pay my mortgage,bills and other Payday loans.. Gonna have a very sleepless night tonight...
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