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  1. Heliosuk Appreciate your response which is pretty much where I thought she'd need to come from. I think the reason she contacted me was to try and take the emotion out of the situation - that and the fact I used to work for the Court Service! No more responses to the thread required - thanks.
  2. My sister bought a 2008 Audi TT from a local Audi dealer on an HP agreement not too long ago. There has been a 'ticking' sound from behind the dash for some time, which she's tried to have fixed. Despite repeated attempts, more than five, the reason for the sound was not immediately identified by the garage. She took the car in a few weeks ago regarding the nosie again - and was told the steering column needed replacing! It seems unlikely that these two issues are connected - can anyone shed any light on this? She then picked the car up once the new column had beed fitted and drove a
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