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  1. kraken1 again you aint done your homework, sorry,! and i am afraid you would be stunned how relevent these are to my case, but again, you like everbody else on the thread only knows half the picture, by what has been posted, how could you or anybody else on the thread know more about the circumstance of the case than the one who is acctually at the heart of it. this amazing ability of those who post on the thread who are not even connected to this case and who are deviod of all the facts of this case, presume to advise, lecture me as to how i should or should not proceed. it is clear the threa
  2. Hammy, u aint worht the effort to reply, u could could 'foxtrot oscar'
  3. Hi conniff, dont know anythin about a solicitor, i have never had any solicior, please expand on this as it is news to me fred
  4. thanks for the definition of treason and the advice about my case, unfortunalty no one on the thread has any notion of what my case is as i havent posted it, so best thing right now is to refrain from giving me advice on what my case maybe or not maybe. as to your definition which is in part correct, but you forgot the rest, I rely upon the Bill of Rights 1689: The Bill of Rights 1689 outlaws for all time the use of dispensations for penalties as they have latterly been given. To issue a penalty against the Bill of Rights 1689 ruling is to subvert a major Constitutional Law: The ‘major crime’
  5. it sounds like it, but most solicitors are not what they seem, ever heard of a 'Common Purpose' that the solicitors and others in thew legal profession dont tell you about? well i need someone who is dedicated to true justice, who knows all the rules and the dirty tricks, but mostly is committed to bring all usrpers to the block on charges of TREASON, within the Law of the Land (common law). take note that this is now supported by a numbner of members of the military and police force, which i have been informed is growing. just sit and wait for a little longer and you will see some a
  6. Hi TANKG1RL, you gonna have to wait a bit longer with interest, the chess game continues, what i need are 2 rooks (, who are ruthless and true to COMMON law, and support the ultimate punishment for treason) who want to get stuck in for justice. what this theard needs to understand is that this matter has the potenial to bring down the house of cards. so if you guys know anyone out-there (like the old days in 2009) who wants to make a name for themselves send them my way. 1st move on the board is for the IPCC or otherwise known as Independant Police complaints cover-up. it wont be long no
  7. Hi Guys, within the next week(i hope) , there will be some major news to share, you would not beleive where i am getting help from but it is proving effective, which will lead to one almighty splat in the middle of PCAD car park, even with a new barrier in place. fred
  8. Thanks Gerson, if you think you understand the whole picture even after three days of reading, then think again, this case is moving onto higer levels more than you could know, it would be great to see some of the high and mighty fall, and they will. fred
  9. my friend Hanna has hopefully now made me able to access the thread fred
  10. Hi Everyone, thanks Martin for redirecting me to this thread, i will hopefully have someone come round who can show me how to navigate round this forum. i sent martin a copy of thye newspaper article, but it has redirected to a spam box, so please if anyome can send me an email address, i will send it to them and they can post it. will be intouch with any further developments. bye for now fred
  11. Hi eveyone who has contributed to this thread, I am Fred!, and Patma, no longer posts for me this thread,however i have sent a private message to Martin to explain that i am inexperienced using this forum and it will take me a while to get up to speed on how to use, and i also have learning difficulites so dont expect spelling or grammer to be perfect. i will try my best. for those people like Martin and others who i got know through Patma, who i know are trustworthy and sincere i will also corrspond in private email. the current state of play: i lost at the trial, and the first
  12. Thread is continued from part 1 here; http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?167970-Locked-in-car-park/page47 Hello i am a new member, but i was involved with CAG in 2009/10 and my name used on the site was 'FRED' of the car park barrier incident in plymouth, a friend called 'PATMA' used to make all the contact on the site, as i am rubbish on computers. well i am now registered myself as i have no contact with patma anymore. firstly if there is anyone out there who rembers is thread, i just want to extend my thanks to all those who helped and gave advice. i am als
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