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  1. Thanks for your reply.I'm worried about not handing the courtesy car back, as if I don't the hire company will bill be direct and I can't afford to do that. Plus I live 15 miles from work too. They've put me under loads of stress.I have written back and turned down what they have offered, I've asked for the higher book end value, plus money to get the new car a major service as mine had in April (cam belt etc), rear axle, fuel money for them putting me out to collect hire car and getting lifts to the hire car company and compensation for loss of times/earnings/stress etc.I just don't know ho
  2. Hi. Two weeks ago I called the AA out due to a rear axle fault and they towed my car to the nearest AA approved garage. Due to the fault they loaded it onto the dolly backwards so that the rear of the car was lifted from the road. 2 miles down the road the patrolman commented that smoke was coming from my car, he found a safe place to pull over, opened the drivers door, had a look, came back to the van and said that it was odd and he didn't know what it was. I stupidly assumed the what he thought was smoke was maybe fumes from the back of his van. My car was dropped off at the garag
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