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  1. Hi All Below is the LAST LETTER SENT TO NEWLYN with whole history of events took place in the account and charges. ------------------------------------------------------------ I was on Holiday from 18th May 2011 till 5th June 2011 but my property was occupied by my mother in law & brother in law during this time. When I returned from holiday after going through all my mail’s I find 1 letter from Newlyn PLC for amount of £138.44 and there was no notification. 9th June 2011 I called to make an automated payment and found out that the outstanding balance on the accoun
  2. I have received 4 letter in total but I am writing back to them each time. just to be on the safe side
  3. I have done the same and Newlyn never provided any proof of bailiff vist but they are keep increasing the Amount
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