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  1. The letter says the following: a) Each party must deliver to every other party and to the court office copies of all documents on which that party intends to rely at the hearing no later than 14 days before the hearing. b) The Judge may refuse to consider a document or take into account if a copy of it has not been sent to all parties. c) Both parties shall, no later than 14 days before the hearing serve on each other the witness statements of themselves and all witnesses on whom they intend to rely. I did not send them their copy of the witness statements until the last
  2. Hi, They failed to submit them to the court and to me. I have provided the courts and previous employer copies of the witness statements, so i'm not too impressed as they now have the opportunity to re-write their statements having read mine The court date is less than two weeks away, so want to know as much as possible as to what i can do, say at the hearing or even get it struck off if possible.
  3. I wonder if anyone can give me some advice. I am defending a claim against a previous employer and the court date is scheduled for early September. They had until yesterday (24 August 2011) to submit / exchange their witness statements for which they have failed to do. What happens next......
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