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  1. Hi, Any advice on how to proceed with my Minicredit issue would be greatly appreciated. I took out a £100 payday loan with them recently (the due date is not until the 20/7/2104). On Monday the 7th of this month i logged into my minicredit account and selected "repay early" (the due balance was £110.40) i hit the repay early button,got a pop up saying "are you sure" clicked ok and continued to the payment. My banks "verified by visa" box popped up,i entered my details and submitted the payment. The next pop i got was "payment declined insufficient funds on card" (or words very sim
  2. Hi, I also received a letter today telling me that my contribution based ESA will end on the 30th of April,......ironically only last week i received another ESA50 form to fill in by ATOS,i have spoken to the DWP this afternoon,in a nutshell i sitll have to fill in the ESA50 and return it or my benefits will cease on the 6th of April,naturally i wont be putting my full effort in to this because it is now pointles:(. I also asked the adviser today if i can apply for jobseekers allowance after April the 30th whilst i attempt to find a job with an employer who will take account of my
  3. Many thanks for that information Erica:-),....it has put my mind at rest. Gary.
  4. Hello to all, After a 14 month wait, i at last attended my ESA tribunal today,i have been successful (i represented myself),ATOS awarded me 6 points at my (so called) medical all those months ago,i have now been awarded 18 points,in fact the chairman adjourned my hearing, and when i was called back in he told me i had already achieved the 18 points so it was not worthwhile continuing further,....naturally i am very relieved that what has been a very stressful period in my life is now resolved. My question to anyone on here is, 1) what happens now (my current medical cert
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