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  1. Having spent 3 days trying to access customer services via their BTChat I gave up. Spoke to customer services - got a Sales idiot who assured me they could provide me with BT Infinity at my new address because I was such a valued customer - even though she did not know the postcode that I was moving to - lies and more lies. Spoke to another customer services lady and eventually managed to give notice to terminate my services. Received confirmatory email with details (Order Number: HMNIAZZ05500357406) of what would be charged by way of early termination charges. My BT serv
  2. If you have reasonable cause to believe that this particular assessor will not assess you impartially then I would think that you would be well within your rights to request a different assessor As DWP have agreed that the assessor did not give an "Accurate assessment" of you previously, then it is more than likely that the assessor will know that they were the subject of an appeal on the grounds of inaccuracy and unless they are an "Angel" they most certainly would find it difficult to be impartial. They will flout your personal rights at every turn - in my instance they provided me wi
  3. Thank you Brigadier for your advice. Result. Advertising Standards took this up this morning. So did Motors.co.uk who did not like the adverse publicity of having over 4000 followers view my tweet. Result - removal from the company's website, the motors.co.uk website, and also from Ebay At last - all this could have been avoided if they had done what was asked of them in the first place and not kept on re-listing it and not been so damned rude - slamming down the phone on me and telling me that they were there to sell cars and not remove stuff from their website.
  4. A little bit of progress - I guess Motors did not like their 4000 plus twitter followers viewing my tweet Received this morning "Hi, thanks for your tweet. We'll investigate and get back to you "
  5. Thank you - Reported to Advertising Standards Authority, Reported again to EBay - this company relisted my vehicle as "For Sale" today. Twitter messages sent from EBay - highlighting Illegal Advert - Twitter message sent from Motors.co.uk highlighting Illegal Advert - maybe this will get them off their rear ends and the decent thing done. The company concerned have a similar, much older vehicle with very high mileage on it - quite crappy that they are using my vehicle as a "hook" for
  6. At the beginning of November 2012 I bought a Volvo C70 from a second hand dealer in Derby who advertises on Ebay, AutoTrader, Motors.co.uk as do many others. When I had not received the V5 by mid December I went to the DVLA in Shrewsbury with my part of the V5 and applied for one. I discovered at the beginning of this month that the second hand dealership are still actively displaying and advertising my vehicle as "For Sale" through their website, EBay and Motors.co.uk. I have contacted the dealership both via email and telephone and been told "Sure we will stop advertising it" but noth
  7. Thank you advice was asked for sarcasm wasn't!!!! Thank you - as I stated before they were notified that there was CCTV footage, but they did not investigate it, which is why I was made a "patsy" out of.
  8. I could do with some advice please... Back in March 2011 I returned to my vehicle from a doctor's appointment to find that a hit and run driver had "T" boned my car damaging the driver's front wing, alloy and door. I asked around but no-one saw or heard anything, so I went across the road to the Police Station and filed an accident report, in order to get an accident number to give to my insurance company. I subsequently contacted Churchill Insurance, my insurers at the time, and informed them that my vehicle had been hit by a hit and run driver. I also informed them that I was not in
  9. Thanks for your reply. I contacted Watchdog way back in May when this came to light, but nada... It seems the bigger the company, the more they can get away with (untouchables......) Just like the mobile phone companies who supply your phone number and name to all and sundry under the auspices of "partner companies for marketing purposes"
  10. I recently moved cities and duly completed and paid for redirection of my mail. I assumed that this would all be straightforward however.... a few days ago I received a catalogue in the mail from a company that I have not used for about 5 years (sent to my previous address). This company did not have my previous address, rather one from 5 years ago. Then today I received a letter offering me about £400 in vouchers to spend in DFS addressed to me at my new address. (I have never had any dealings with DFS) On the bottom of their letter they clearly state that they obtained my information fro
  11. To the best of my knowledge I don't owe Churchill anything. They have never mentioned or invoiced me for any costs to do with my claim (I paid the excess directly from my bank account on collection of my vehicle following repair), nor have I been invoiced for anything else by them. I have in the past 2 weeks made about 6 phonecalls to Churchill each in excess of 20 minutes duration (to 0845 numbers) and have been kept waiting for approximately 10 minutes on each occasion before getting through to totally unhelpful customer service personnel and claims department personnel. I have also
  12. I would be so grateful if anyone could offer any advice that would help resolve this problem. In 2009, I bought a Dodge Caliber (Group 19 insurance) and when my insurance was due for renewal my insurance broker could not come up with a competitive quote so I ran a comparison site query. Churchill Insurance were the best quote that I came up with so I insured my vehicle with them. My previous insurers duly supplied them with proof of my NCB and all went great. In January of this year I received a reminder about renewing my insurance which did not include my years of protected NCB, and h
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