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  1. I was apparently suspended for not turning up for the evening shift on the monday. I worked the monday morning so for all intents and purposes it appears that I had walked out. I did not hear from them for several days and was told verbally face to face when I did go for my next shift. At the same time as this I handed them a letter stating my grievances (not being paid correctly for work done, unsafe working environment, food hygiene issues and not following working time regs) Also at the same time I was told I would recieve 2 letters. One to confirm suspention and another to invite to disa
  2. Hiya there I got suspended from work around 3 weeks ago for failing to turn up to a shift. The suspention was done verbally by the manager but said he would be sending out a letter to confirm this. I never did receive this letter. I heard something from a collegue that I failed to turn up for my disaplinary that I was apparently told about via letter. This was scheduled for monday just gone but I didnt turn up as I didnt know about it. I rang in and spoke to the manager on wednesday and he confirmed I was sent letters recorded delivery but I have received nothing. He said no
  3. Right. nothing so far. can someone point me in the direction of the letter stating it is now in dispute and in the same letter is it ok to put thetemplate for it being statute bared too? Links to both would be appreciated... Edit - the letters in the libary dont seem to fit my situation as im trying to say i have not had the responce in the time period and im asking them to prove its not SB
  4. Well.... Still waiting for the CCA to come through but during this time they continue to send letters.... This month I cant afford to send them anything anyway and im assuming thats ok while I am waiting for this letter back.....? It is 12 + 2 days isnt it? Is it the +2 for the snail mail delivery times?
  5. Just missed a call from 1st cred asking me to ring them. not sure how they got my number as i never gave it to them!!!! Obviously I dont want to call them back but if they ring back it is ok to answer and say all correspondence will not be over the phone but in writing? Whats the score with sending them a email stating this also requesting a reciept to say it has been read? or is email a no no as it may be open to abuse and it gives them another method of harrasing me.....?
  6. Thanks all for your help. Just waiting on a responce. In the meantime I have cancelled my DD while questioning this debt and waiting for the first thretening letter eh......
  7. sooo............. CCA letter sent to which they have 12+2 days to produce. Do they just have to acknowedge the letter within that time or actually produce the goods? If they can produce this CCA then I could argue the case that it is probably SBed and see if they can prove otherwise (when i say probably I tell them it is) If they produce the CCA then is SAR the next step? What information will I get from a SAR? In case 1 above, if they cant produce the CCA then is the debt unenforcable? From what I can tell if it is SB then Im a cash cow. But if they can prove I have ackno
  8. Dead phone number..... TBF all the numbers I have found for them are dead......
  9. If they are sold with so little information, and the origional Halifax Cetelem does not exist any more surely it would be impossable for them to produce a CCA? And while I am asking them for this - I guess I should cancel the DD and stop paying them completly? And if they try to make me pay higher payments due to missing payments while this is in dispute I can tell them to go forth........ They dont tell me what to pay but I tell them what I can afford to pay? Correct? Does the fact that they cannot produce the CCA mean it is not enforcable? Or is it that if I have made any paym
  10. http://wck2.companieshouse.gov.uk/12143d6bcf0532a64c42ece16f937b0a/compdetails They went from Halifax Cetelem to Cetelem UK and you can see on that link they went into liquidation.............
  11. Halifax Cetelem no longer exists and I have spoken to Halifax and they seem to have no knowledge of Halifax Cetelem. Doing a quick seach on the net shows they did join forces as it were with the companies 'Halifax' and 'Cetelem' hence the name but it seems 'Halifax Cetelem' ceased trading in 2007/2008. Im at a loss as how I could find any records now or indeed how anyone else could
  12. So it may be impossable to find out when the last payment to Halifax Cetelem was? Can this lack of knowledge on 1st Credit be used against them as I could say the last payment was 2001 and would have no way of arguing the toss? Just throwing things out there....
  13. Apologies. It was meant as more of a question than a statement. If I could prove that the last payment was April 2003 to Halifax Cetelem and I started paying 1st Credit in April 2009 - it 'may' be SBed. Thats where I was going with that. I changed bank in 2004 owing the origional bank some money so I cant really go back to them for statements 8 or so years old to see if I had paid anything - though that debt is deffinatly SB. If I knew how to find records from Hal Cet dating back that far I would but they dont exist anymore. 1st Credit bought the debt in 2005 so would they hav
  14. Just found out that 1st Credit bought the debt in June 2005 but I dont appear to have made any payments until April 2009. Halifax Cetelem do not appear to exist any more so finding out the last payment is going to be impossable. What effect will this have on my CCA letter sent? Its not like they can go back to Cetelem and get a copy........
  15. Well I have decieded to send 1st Credit the CCA letter and see what they say. I have tracked down the debt to a Halifax Celetem loan but I do not have any paperwork for any of this after such a long period of time. What is the best way of finding out the last payment to Halifax and the first payment to 1st Credit ? I believe that the info 1st Credit will send me will have this detail on but what about Halifax? If it is over 6 years between payments does that still count as SB? Edit - Looking at statments back from 2004 till today the first payment to 1st Credit was in
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