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  1. Hi everyone, first post here I am truly fed up and think I already know what the answer to this is but thought I would ask anyway. A few months back I bumped into an empty stationary vehicle whilst parking. Minimal paintwork damage to mine and third party car. We exchanged name and phone numbers and I asked third party to contact me when they decided what they wanted to do. Haven't heard anything back from the third party and didn't tell insurance company at the time (didn't realise this was a requirement but I do now) as I was waiting for the third party to contact me to see if we had to go through the insurance or not. Insurance is up for renewal and when submitting the details I declared the incident as I was worried that if the third party did decide to pursue it then I would be in breach of new insurance as I hadn't declared the incident. There is now a £30 increase on my premium even though myself personally, my insurance or the third party insurance have paid out nothing. This has also affected my partner's insurance premium. He thinks I am stupid to even have declared it but I felt I had to. I am just really galled that this one small incident that incurred no costs will affect mine and my partners insurance for the next 5 years. Is this right? Honesty doesn't seem to pay after all
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