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  1. Update 2 No delivery and no one knows if the items were loaded on the delivery van. They can't even get in touch with the driver. Spent another hour listening to music after taking the day off work for the delivery. This is shocking way to run a business and treat the customers with such little regard.
  2. UPDATE. I just recieved a call from B&Q to say all items would be delivered tomorrow. I made them aware of my posting on CAG and I do believe it had the desired effect. If they don't arrive I will let you all know.
  3. Hi, yes I paid online by Visa Debit. The money went within a few hours. I still want the stuff and the delay is against the advertised policy but the most annoying thing is trying to contact someone for help.
  4. I placed a significant order £300+ on Saturday morning. Instructions were that contact would be made within 24 hours to discuss delivery times. 5 days passed and all day yesterday I sat trying to get some telephone assistance but stayed in the "busy high call volumes" for 3 hours. Finally called corporate HQ and spoke to someone. 1 hour later a woman phoned and said delivery date would be 5th September which is way over the guidelines on the online booking info. I explained that this was not acceptable and the woman went away returning in 20 minutes saying she was trying to talk to the delivery department. I asked her to email with a sooner date she agreed within the hour, no email was received. Be aware that using this service could make you an angry person
  5. Thanks Locutus I will keep you informed of future developments. Tony
  6. Hi **UPDATE ** Still on-going. I had several visits from men who punched the arms and back like a boxing match.... no better. I had a visit from an expert who cut a piece of foam on the pavement and "stuffed it under the seat springs on the settee seat that is titled sideways.... no better. Communications from them.... no better. Can't use one seat without hip pain due to the collapsing of the filling which I was supposed to know about. It seems this is the worst money I have ever spent ( £2500 !! Cash) Deadline time arriving for further action.
  7. Hi Please see my thread on this forum. 317556-DFS-Sofas-Quality Problems I have similar problems as after one month my back was bad and I now sit on a cushion on top of my sofa.... Crazy, money back please.
  8. Hi I took delivery of two Rhone 2 seater power recliners about 2 months ago. I waited over 3 months and spent £2500 so I am very concerned that the arms are collapsing where the elbows go and the two seats used mostly seem to be tilting towards the middle and one is sloping backwards also. I have had leather furniture several times before so I am aware of normal settling, creasing and plumping requirements. Anyone else had problems ??? Called DFS and the "expert" who came told me everything I already knew. He reffered me to the shop manager who will not return my calls. I am still chasing and will update when I have further.
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