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  1. My hastily typed reply: "Please accept this rubber glove, your "Penalty Charge Appeals Form" and a small tube of KY Jelly, in an envelope labelled "Self-Insertion Kit", as my final response..."
  2. Hi All, Have just had a bit of a shock when opening my mail this morning - with the receipt of a letter entitled: NATIONAL HEALTH SERVICE PRESCRIPTION CHARGE Which went on to inform me that one of the prescription forms (from February 2011:??? I have been happily filling in and claiming exemption (Income-Related ESA) from charges has been checked and they have decided that I need to prove my entitlement or pay the £7.20 prescription charge and a penalty charge of £36! I checked my paperwork, in case I have unknowingly had my ESA entitlement stopped, to find that I am not mi
  3. SAR sent, will await their response. In the meantime, I'm getting letters every day (and phonecalls) from Credit Security Limited. I have told them on several occasions that I have disputed this debt since Lloyd's last decision letter, and that they should refer back to Lloyds (and stop hassling me!) Since the last phonecall, I have had a flurry of letters stating I need to prove to them (the DCA) that I have a "valid reason for non-payment". My understanding was it is up to the DCA to get in touch with Lloyds - not make life easy for them...? Advice appreciated - all the "Deb
  4. Thank you citizenB - I am more concerned that advice regarding mis-selling of the actual loan, rather than just the PPI is hard to find... Do you have any suggestions?
  5. Will be requesting another SAR (since the one they sent me originally did not contain ALL the information requested). I would still be interested to know how people feel about going for a cancellation of the WHOLE loan amount due to the above?
  6. Hi, Back in 2002, I went into a branch of Lloyds TSB to apply for a student account (to gain access to the interest free overdraft facility). I was an existing Lloyds account holder, had recently enrolled on a law degree course (full time) and was reliant on my Disability Living Allowance (plus Student Loan) as my income. I was taken into an interview room and the account application was declined. I was then offered a personal loan to cover the credit card and overdraft debts I intended to pay from the the interest free overdraft attached to the student account. I made it per
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