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  1. I reckon I can get them down to a fiver a month I mean, I'm still paying them. So they should be bloody happy! It's not like I owe thousands, I only owe about £500 if that :-/
  2. Haha! I bet they don't like that :-p
  3. Not paying by direct debit, wouldn't dream of it. They send me one of those giro things twice a month. Due to being on benefits and paying a loan back to the jobcentre I'm finding it difficult to pay it back. Thanks for your help, I'll defenuteky be sending them that letter along with my payment
  4. I'm currently paying back a loan bought from Cabot, I pay £60 a month but due to unforseen circumstances I can no longer afford to pay £60. I phoned and told them this, and I asked if I could pay £30 a month instead. Her reply was that I have to send them a financial statement, telling them about my incomings and outgoings. This site helped me in the past with the devils that are Cabot/Fire (whatever they're going by these days). Why do debt collectors have such idiotic rules? I've offered to pay £30 a month to them, so as I'm still paying them they should, by rights, take my money with
  5. Cheers Bazooka Boo, that's cleared everything up for me
  6. Thanks for the help Brigadier Also I thought I might add that Cabot never sent me a letter saying that they had bought my debt from Next Retail. They only ever told me over the phone. Is this legal?
  7. Hi ya again, I received a letter from Fire ltd this morning, along with their fake address, as I know them to be apart of Cabot. The balance in which they have printed on paper is NOT the balance I was told that I owed. Cabot originally reduced the balance to about £530 but I'm being told I owe £626.38. To be honest I don't even have the 38p to pay them. How do I tell them that I cannot afford to pay them until I am in full time work, which won't be anytime soon as I'm still recovering from an illness, whilst also paying back my loan from the Jobcenter. I know Cabot/Fire whatever they wis
  8. It's no problem at all Everyone's happy to help here, in only a few hours I'd been helped by so many nice people, who put me on the right track. I was only happy to help point you into the right direction even if it was only giving you the name of the website I used and a few more details, as I know that trawling the internet can be a bit tiring especially if you want to apply for something asap. Hope everything works out for you xxxx
  9. Thank you all so much for your help, I really appreciate it. They did phone me earlier on, but they didn't say anything, they just hung up on me. I'm expecting another call from them this evening. I'll keep you posted
  10. The debt's coming up to about 5 years old, I had Next chase me for 3 years before Cabot got hold of it, and they've been calling for almost 2 years. Even changed my house phone number just so that they couldn't contact me. Thanks for your help Gloryhunter, they're right gits!!!
  11. Haha! I doubt they'll be too pleased with the music I listen too. Let's just say that they'll be be listening to something similar to Slayer I've reported them to Trading Standards too. I haven't received any calls from them yet this morning, but it's still early.
  12. I recently got one of those, I used a webiste called Sterling, they do marstercards. You can either pay with your debit card or do what I did, wait for the letter and take it to your local post office and paid there. They're so much easier than going through the process of opening another bank account
  13. They even trawl the whocallsme website, one even had the audacity to post on there. I wondered why so many people were reading the thread and not posting advice :-p I'll do that this morning, first port of call is the police then I'll go from there
  14. We've tried that, my partner answered my mobile the other night and requested the number be deleted, but we still get calls. Do you think it advisable to tell Trading Standards about the phone calls?
  15. Thanks you so much. I've managed to evade the calls so far, but I'm beginning to feel harassed as they call my mobile now. I used to get e-mails from them asking me to call them. I was hit by a car earlier in the year and my partner answered a call from them, they told him that he had to send them a medical report from the hospital!!
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