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  1. Hi We pointed out to them that the charges levied where incorrect and possibly unlawful by way of a letter, which were obvious to a laymen, let alone the bank. They had little to no chance of argueing the point.
  2. Hi It was agreed by the bank that a refund of our mis-appropriated funds would be repaid to us, along with incorrectly charged interest and charges over a period from 2009. In our acceptance form of their offer I stated "Payment of 8% Compond Interest on the above" They also paid 750 compensation In their original offer letter they stated the following:- "Pay interest at the Court Rate of 8% backdated to October 2009 on any part you wanted credited to the current account" I await your reply with interest. Thank you
  3. We have recently received a refund of excessive charges over a number of years. When we signed an acceptance of their offer, I included the line "Plus 8% pa Compound Interest" They paid out and only included 8% simple interest, which effectively means we have lost about a £1000 Is this right and if not, what can we do about them? Thank you for any help yiu can give.
  4. Hi Everyone My partner had an accident whilst at work 14 months ago and now she as been told she is all but retired, this will mean she will lose out on 11 years earnings amounting to around £550,000 gross. without any increments or promotions added. This would be in addition to her other injuries. She as also lost 20 years of memory and the family problems that's created.for her. She suffers constant pain in her head and neck. We approached our Household Insurers who agreed for our local solicitor to act on our behalf and the other sides insurers have accepted liability. S
  5. Will this still be correct even though the original Business Loan Repayment Insurance was taken out by the now defunked Limited Company, or will this give them reason to dismiss the claim? What are acceptable reasons for stating that the Insurance was missold? Thank you for your reply.
  6. Hi Everyone Can anyone provide any advice on how I should complain and attempt to get the original Business Loan Repayment Insurance Cost and subsequent Bank Charges back on the following:- In 2004 we had a Limited Company who banked with Lloyds TSB, when we needed to consolidate the debt of the the Overdrafts with this bank. We took out a loan for £40,000 plus a charge of 7017.00 for Business Loan Repayment Insurance and a £400.00 Arrangement Fee, this was secured by a Guarantee and Charge over our Property. We had many problems during the period up until 2009 when we allowed ou
  7. Hi Grizza My partner has several Payday Loans that are due for repayment today. My problem is that she as sustained head injuries in a work related accident, and now has no memory of the period from 1990 to now. I want to write to these Payday Loan Companies explainging the situation and to tell them it could be several months before they can expect there money back. I also wanted to request that they do not apply any charges or interest in view of my partners situation. I am, at present, her 24hr Carer so I want to stop the constant telephone calls and emails. I have no way of g
  8. Yes the HSE have been informed and the warning sign was around the corner in an alcove and not in the main corridor.
  9. It appears that this is what is stated in the Employees Manual for sick leave. My feelings are that this should not apply due to my partner having the accident at her work through the companies negligence.
  10. This is my first post so I hope I can get some guidance. My partner had an accident at work 4 weeks ago - Slipping on a Wet Floor severely banging her head and losing consciousness. She was taken to Hospital then released and then re-admitted due to severe Head and Neck pain and spent 4 days in Hospital. At the same time she lost her midterm memory of around 20 years with no signs of improvement after 4 weeks. Whilst she was in Hospital, and even though she had memory loss, she wasn’t seen by a Neuro Specialist only the General Consultant. She now has an appointment to see a Neuro Sp
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