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  1. hi people,can someone please advise,i have sent copies of emails to ombudsman to make further complaint but,since toothfairy/webloan demise,i,ve had emails from ndr,then dhr capital,then blackwater and now dmr,what i want to know is why are all payment details,ie,reference no,s and bank account no,s the same this cannot be right,only one should be contacting ,and why are ndr still involved,these no,s are the same as webloans who i paid every month,also as you will be aware ombudsman ruled 700,they now saying 2400,im not paying untill i have proof,also iv,e asked ombudsman to get this written o
  2. thanks silly girl,but what i dont get, i gave camden trading standards a file full of mis leading and threatening emails from toothfairy and ndr and marshall hoares not baliffs and signed over 50 exhibits for court,yet nothing done,stella creasy,big on words ,little in the way of action,these people need to be answerable in court and dealt with ,until that happens,then im afraid this will just rumble on and make peoples lives a complete misery!!!!!!
  3. guys desperate for thoughts,although toothfairy aka webloan proccessing gone.ive started getting emails with threats on from blackwater and ndr stating im not paying,given that i have a binding agreement with ombudsman and toothfairy and that ive only missed jan 2014 payment (waiting to see who contacts me),why would blacwater or ndr use same reference and bank account no as toothfairy/webloan,surely thats not right and they say i now owe 4,7oo pounds when ombudsman says 700 less any payments,given that neither blackwater or ndr own the debt ,what do i do this is a re occurring nightmare,than
  4. hi charlie,original loan,was toothfairy,ombudsmen ruled in my favour and debt came down to 700pounds from over 3,000,iv,e paid every month bit still get sum threats from ndr,marshall (not baliffs)hoares,my payments are to webloan processing but this am barclays said it was cim tech,who were the original umberella name for all these rougues!i prepared court exhibits with help of my local trading standrs and i believe are in the hands of someone @camden oft(as yet unacted on),regards lingus
  5. hi everyone,i today paid my monthly payment in to barclays ,only to be told it was a company called cim tech ltd and not webloanprocessing,as cimtech is an original ,am i to take it oft have closed them down and as such where do i stand with my binding agreement with the ombudsman,i signed over 50 court exhibits over a year ago for the oft in camden and still nothing done,any more usefull info to hand
  6. tinkerbell the original loan was 400 but escalated like for everyone else so i dug my heels in,ignored all thier threats and fought on,did take bout 6-8 months ,and although im not happy at payin 700 it could of been worse,you have to be strong and not let them win,i think toothfairys demise is not 2 far away,keep the faith and do not buckle,ps the agreement is binding so they cant ask for anymore as long as i keep my payments up.
  7. ive read all the threads on here and would just like to say,i have a big file on this lot sitting with the oft in camden,i did however take my case up with th e ombudsman and sent them copies of the same file,eventually a few months ago my charges came down from nearly3k to 700,i had 100 knocked off for the way id been treated and pay it off at 3.50 per month ,dont know if this helps but does show you can fight and sometimes can have a little success.this dosnt mean to say im thrilled but its a little easier to bear.
  8. hi all,lingus again,its all silly now,ad letter from ndr sat 10sept,blah,blah,then letter of instruction saying marshall hoares now legally own debt,then a further email from the hoares,marshall hoares now block my contact says http 404 cannot be found,strangely their website for address in tunbridge comes up as area services? hoares po box dosn,t exsist and ndr po box is a paper manufacturer in somerset, at my wits end now as what to do next oft seem to be dragging their feet having already warned them,also all 3companies are not responding to cca and ombudsman requests,they must be truly st
  9. hi guys can any one with a bit more knowledge help out,ive just recieved 2 emails from gogetloans for differing amounts at 5.21am ,!! surely that is agaisnt guidelines of reasonable times to contact,also i keep getting emails from ndr,saying they now have file,so again i ask that is surely another breach? multiple companies contacting?please help having real trouble understanding who,s doing what,thanks
  10. hi people,can anyone help with this ,i,ve just noticed on email sent to me on august 9th from go get loan.that per the terms of the conract between speed credit and yourself!! sorry who never heard of them and thought my loan was off gogetloan aka toothfairy? this is surely not right? i haven,t got a clue who i,m dealing with and is agaisnt guidelines,the paperwork clearly states creditor is gogetloan,please help,
  11. hi all lingus here,i too had the misfortune to use these ,my £400 is now £1255!,they say i ignore them,i,ve sent letters and emails ,letters dont get signed for and emails get blocked,i,ve got oft,ombudsman,my mp and camden trading stndars all involved all of which so far they have ignored,also i,ve been off work since july 1st with stress and anxiety and i didnt think under the justice act 1970 they are allowed to hassle you,also i get daily txts fro gogetloan then form ndr then emails fro gogetloan then emails from non existent people at ndr,where is their complience,i hope they take me to c
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