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  1. Hi everyone, here my story and I hope you have an idea where I could start from claiming my money and whether I have at all a chance to ever see it again. Thank in advance for reading it and for all your ideas! After a great holiday, my partner and I wanted to take a Turkish airlines flight from Istanbul to Brussels this morning. We arrived at the airport around 1 1/2 hours before the flight and went to the check-in. Turkish Airlines had only two general queues for all their flights and it was very long. However, we queued as it seemed there was plenty time until the usual 45 minutes deadline. Anyway, there was no one to ask and we didn´t want to be trouble-makers pushing ourselved through the queue without any permission. Only when we were in the first row we saw a small sign that check-in time at Turkish Airlines already one hour before the flight. We remained calm as we were litterally standing in front of the counter ready for check-in and we were finally called to the counter at around 55 minutes before departure. We were told that we were too late and that staff had called in the queue that people for the flight should come forward. I am 100 % sure they did not call "Brussels" or at least it was inaudible - already a bit nervous, both my partner had been listening and watching carefully what was going on around us. After a fruitless discussion with very unfriendly staff we were denied boarding passes. We had to buy new tickets with another airline which cost us 305 Euros each and which ended up in a very long day of travelling on non-direct flights. I was given a complaint form but Turkish Airlines said they did not have any further information on complaint procedures or on passenger rights. The new tickets were a lot of money for my partner and me, so if you have any ideas how to proceed please let me know. Lucylike
  2. Hi everyone, here I am, just back from a great long holiday time which finished badly because of airline trouble and so I have browsed the internet and happily found this page. This is not the first time that I feel like sueing a company but I guess it´s the first time that I have started thinking beyond the day and wondering how common political action could make a change. And that ´s why I am so happy now: That so much campaigning and counselling already exists, here and in other forums, and that I seem not to be the only one who has ever thought of creating a "worst airline of the year" award So already thanks for this page and to all the people who work on it! Lucylike
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