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  1. No they definitely are enforceable, in England, under the 2004 gambling act. PS. The debt would be upheld in a maltese court, if they decided there was a debt. This was clarified after a fairly recent case w w w DOT lga.org.mt/lga/content.aspx?id=229374 However, they (maltese courts) would likely rule in line with betfairs clause in their terms and conditions, which states they reserve the right to remove any winnings if they 'deem a player to be abusing their promotions', which, as it hinges solely on their opinion, can be applied to any case as they see fit and ergo is an unfair term.
  2. Hello- Please help me argue to have this case heard in the UK as Maltese courts are infamously biased in favour of casinos based there. The story so far: I deposited into Betfair.com, (when they were based in the UK) I transferred my deposits to their casino, which was based in Malta. I won a substantial sum of money in Betfairs casino, and transferred it back to the sports ac/ betfair.com (not casino) They removed these funds and refused to repay them. (the real reason for this is they made a mistake on the promotion I took part in which made it far too generous and would end up costing them millions to pay out to everyone involved-google "betfair casino happy hour" if you wish to know more) I have filed a claim, and it has got to the point where they are contesting jurisdiction. Here is their reasoning from the Application notice for contestment of jurisdiction: The court has ruled that a hearing take place to decide the jurisdiction. I would appreciate any advice/opinioons you can offer regarding the case. I am personally of the opinion that my claim is against the UK based Betfair.com, as they were whom my contract was with at the time of the removal of the funds which were taken from a UK based AC (betfair.com sports wallet), to pay off what was perceived to be owed to the Matese company, betfair casino. As such, English courts should hear my case. Does this sound like the correct argument in my situation? Thankyou in advance, ShuntedPunter
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