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  1. I based MY reply on the date above mine 11-12-2012 and seeing that I have to log in every time on here I must have missed the post or just lost interest in this site for a while
  2. only that if you're a signor and you have your car stolen over there you're then known as carlos
  3. the joke about the dyslxic pirate who spent high life on the high seas with a carrot on his shoulder
  4. being moderated by the looks of things ahhh well free speach blah blah blah
  5. anyway the wherethefukawe's ues to hunt the oooommagoolie bird it had a 200 hundred foot wing span weighed in at four tons and had two in legs and then it landed it's cray was....oooomagoolies ooohmagoolies
  6. burlyb

    cream eggs

    I know where theres some budgies going cheap...cheap cheap ...cheeaapy cheap
  7. and threads are closing due to
  8. uniformed underinformed berks who look divy
  9. reading on msn that the oldest twin prositutes in Amsterdam are retiring @ reaching 70 years old.................the KY jelly company will find a BIG dip in it's profits now I'd guess:lol:
  10. I loaded a post here of a harlem shake that was done by my two sons and their mates and an inaimated hands shake by me tuesday night for comic relief but the link i tried to post went divy
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