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  1. After some great advice on here i managed to get a PCN charge reset, good times! Unfortunately I already paid the bloody bailiff (about a month ago) as he clamped the car, so filled in a late witness statment and have now had letters from the court and council saying i only have to pay £50 but have paid £300 to the robbing basterwards, so my question is where do I go to get the money back? Bailiffs? council? charge back? And also will i get it all back? Many thanks in advance.
  2. Had a notice to owner, sent in appeal to council after that including proof of payment at the time. Not sure about the other 2, am terrible with paper work
  3. got a PCN a couple of months back, having parked in a council car park to go to the cinema, a gust of wind must of blown my ticket of the dash when closing the door. Sent a appeal as soon as to the council with the original ticket (i took photos for myself) which was rejected, I had to laugh as they sent a picture of the dash of the car, which had about 8 other pay and display tickets on, (Lazy moi?) I would like them to prove that it wasn't displayed in the picture! my partner has been in hospital and ive only just got round to dealing with this again, as I have had a letter from Equita saying it needs to be paid, it doesnt even say in the letter how much, but does say if its not paid soon (no timeline given) extra charges will be added blah blah blah. I have had this once before where I have genuinely paid and upon providing proof it has gone no further, just feel like the council are trying to get more money out of me. Can anyone advise, id be really grateful
  4. Hi all, can someone help? Basically was in a totally bad situation for about 2 years, about 1 year ago, had no money whatsoever. I had some bailiffs round for council tax during this time, they never got anywhere as I wasnt in the 3 times they called and it got handed back to the council. Now I am in a much better position and am wondering what best move is? I dont want them out to my house again, so should I go to the council and offer to pay it, will they accept a reasonable repayment offer? Any help much appreciated.
  5. Hi was wondering if anyone can help, I sold a car back in May, searched high and low but couldn't find the V5, the buyer bought it without for £50 less and said he would apply for a new one. Few months have passed and now I have a court summons for failure to notify change of keeper, now I know they say ignorance is no excuse but I 100% genuinely had no idea that I had to tell them, I had a notification about 2 weeks after sale to say that someone had applied for a new v5 etc etc. So I assumed they knew. So technically I am guilty, yes, I am unsure where to go from here, do I plead guilty out of court? Show up to court? Pay the fine? There is nothing on the summons to say I can settle out of court though. Any help much appreciated!
  6. Sorry to bump but can anyone help with this as I am supposed to reply to them by letter today and I am not really sure what to say/do???? Many thanks.
  7. No sorry I dont mean I paid the PCN, I meant I had paid for the original ticket in the car park, but it had fallen on the floor, I asked at the site but they have no cctv so am up a creek with that one, I know I owe it just moaning that its not my fault as I had paid (orginally)
  8. I have a outstanding PCN for which B&S have now made 2 visits, I was not in both times, so when I received the last one I sent off the template letter on this site stating I was classed as vulnerable and asked for it to be passed back to the council, as I am a single parent (child is 3), I only work 4 hours per week and am suffering from depression and anxiety. I received a letter back saying they could not pass it back to the council, and have asked me to fill in some forms with my employment details on etc. Not really sure what to do now, I cant afford to pay £330 (thats what they want!) does anyone have any advice for me please? I am on tenderhooks in case they turn up again and am finding myself trying to be out of the house all the time as I cant relax in my own home, its so not fair, I had paid the ticket for which I received the PCN, got all the paperwork to send it off, then someone cleared out my car for me and managed to chuck the proof in the bin (I should have kept it safe so my fault really and not the issue here!) So stressed and any help much appreciated.
  9. I know this is a really old thread but I wanted to ask a question, since this I emailed the council and the bailiffs and have heard not a peep since, I am still a bit nervous when the door goes and was wondering if they might still come back to me? As a single parent (thus in the vulnerable category) what would happen if I met someone and they moved in? Would they then be able to come back round and demand I pay hundreds to pounds? Any help really appreciated as always
  10. I have just read worried's thread, he had a much better cause for missing his appointment and still had to jump through hoops to get the decision overturned! Have just asked my brother to have a look at his paperwork (he is staying with me for a couple of nights) he hasn't actually had a letter to say his payments have been stopped, but they have. He has one that says please explain why you missed your medical and a form to fill in. I am just wondering if its worth going though all this, he is stressed and anxious as it is, which is really not helping his depression, and wondering if I should just tell him to make a new claim and wait for a new appointment???? P.s. special thanks to Erika for taking the time to write such lengthy replies, it really is appreciated.
  11. Quote - to have the ATOS app letter and the DWP letter for failure to attend arrive on the same day given how fast the DWP work is a bit suspect. I don't know where you got the idea he got the appointment letter and a DWP letter on the same day, I said it was about 2 weeks later. To everyone else, thanks so much for your help, some of its a little bit over my head but at least I can pass on the best course of action to my brother and keep fingers crossed. BTW whats he supposed to appeal? because he has contacted ESA today and they have given him the number for ATOS, so if he calls them and they refuse to give him another appointment can he appeal that decision? (sorry to sound dim!) Also can I just clarify, if he is able to make a new claim he wont receive any money until he has had another assessment?
  12. Thank you. Just reread my OP and I realised have made a mistake its been about 10 weeks since he first claimed not 6.
  13. Hi all hoping someone can help me advise my brother, I have had some excellent advice in the past Basically my brother applied for ESA about 6 weeks ago, he doesnt have a permanent address at the moment and is basically sofa surfing, he is suffering from severe depression too, his mail gets sent to his ex, she managed to loose the appointment letter from ATOS (the less said about that the better me thinks!) as soon as he knew it was lost he sent a letter to DWP asking to reconfirm the appointment (no money = no way to call their rip off number!) 2 weeks later got a letter to say that his benefit would be stopped as he missed the appointment. He went down to the job centre to use their phone (didnt consider this option before, but a friend pointed this out) to explain and ask what he should do now, they said they had never received the letter requesting confirmation of his appointment or his most recent sick note (both were sent) and he was told basically tough luck, you need to call back in two weeks to see if we will reconsider the decision (its been about 4 weeks now since he had a payment from them). Now I have done a bit of reading up this morning before coming here, and it seems like he isnt going to have much luck here, but wondering what is the best way forward? Appeal and wait (could be months before he gets another appointment) new claim (is this possible?) crisis loan? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Now I know this is going to sound pretty dumb but please bear with me: My mum took out a mobile phone contract with Tmobile for me as I was unable to get one for myself due to bad debt, this was in in 2009, a year later she called to cancel it, and they offered a much better deal, which she asked me about and we decided to then keep, we did not have paper bills but would just call and pay the balance when it was due. Now 2 weeks ago I called to pay the balance, and as the phone had not been used in some time (2months) I assumed would be around £30, to find out they wanted closer to £70, so I called them (I am named on the account to enable me to speak to them) and asked why the amount owing was so high, to be told that my line rental is £25 per month +vat and has been for a year! Now how I did not notice sooner is I admit, pretty dumb, but I had have been having many many problems with HMRC, benefits etc and assumed that the high amounts due were from having to call these premium rate numbers! I am 99% positive no one ever told my mum that the deal she took at the time would expire and it would be put up to there standard rate, which is now what they were saying after I complained, me and my mum assumed it would be a rate for life, otherwise I probably wouldn't have bothered. They reckon they sent paper work, which I never received, I complained via the online form that I was never told of the increase, and they maintain they did, no sorry or anything in the reply, just saying the money owed had been passed on to a debt collection agency and how to pay it. Do I have a leg to stand on here?
  15. hi, thank you so much for replying, I have spoken to my mum who has said she will get her, currently out of work, partner to cover my hours, however there is a slight issue I have, when I first made my claim I claimed as self employed (as I am) they treated the work I do for my mum as my business and seperate from my mums business, so I gave incomings and outgoings as nothing (prob not explaining this well). So what I am saying is, they are now treating me as an employee of my mum, rather than self employed in my own right. So although I am happy to call them tommorow and say im not working for my mum anymore, I am a bit peed off that I will get nothing for the last 3 months cus they were a bit slow, and am now well behind on the mortgage, and owe people money. Once again thank you, there are some very knowledgable people on this forum!
  16. hi everyone, This forum was a god send to me a few weeks back, and they say it doesn't rain but pours I now have a massive problem, that I am hoping someone can help me with: My situation: Newly single mum, with a 2 1/2 yr old, work 15 hours a week, no pay, for my mums business (has not always been no pay but the business is not going good so I agreed to take no wage for a while, not a problem when I was with my ex, and this is a temporary measure until she can afford to pay me again (probs next year) I have a mortagage to pay, and I claim income support and help with mortgage payments 3 months ago, its taken phone call after phone call, to be told today that they wont pay it, as it is unreasonable of my mum to expect me to work for free, therefore no payments for me. I said how am I supposed to feed and house my child for £60 a week tax credits, she said you could try upping your hours and claiming working tax credits. I am so upset, so I gotta work more hours, for free, see my son less, and get less money. I was completely honest with them from the off, and it makes me mad when people fiddle the system and get loads of money, now when I need them I get nothing! So they said I could appeal it, which I fully plan to do, but that could take months, if I up my hours with WTC, I wont get any back payments from IS, if I do finally get it, I could screw my mum over and stop working for her, then I wont get any money for the Iincome support in last 3 months I have been waiting for it, and to top it all off had to borrow money from my friend to see me right, while waiting for my claim, and told her I would pay it back when I get my backdated payments, and now I cant pay her back. Sorry for the long post but am really hoping someone can help. Many thanks.
  17. Ive checked the database for certified bailifs and he isnt on there, so I am guessing there isnt alot he can do, what with the vunerable person bit and the fact he isn't certified? This is the happiest I have felt about the situation in ages, as someone said in another thread knowledge is power, I just feel sorry for people who do not know their rights and dont know where to look, and then have these **** bags hastle them. Even the people who should know (CAB, CCCS, even a specialist debt adviser) havent been able to give me as much advice as a few short posts on here, so a massive thank you to those who replied.
  18. Thanks so much for your help people! I have sent emails to both Equita and the council although I sent an email already to the council explaining my situation, and have heard nothing, this was last week sometime. I already hide my car, its an old one, no finance. I called to ask about legal aid and had to first speak to a specialist on the general helpline, he told me that the debt would go back to the council, and I would still be liable to the bailiffs fees? Is this right? Why do you get such conflicting advice where ever you go? Such a headache for PCN's when a, I wasnt driving on 2 occasions b, we were told would be revoked by someone who worked at the council, and c, the third one, I was 4 minutes after the limit, and I fully admit is my fault but still cant not afford to pay! Once again thanks, I feel relief already and no longer like I am going round and round in circles.
  19. hi, I posted about this problem about a week ago, but I didn't get any replies, and have spent all week trying to find out my rights, and the best course of action, but feel like I am getting no where fast, so I am hoping someone can help with more specific issues I have with equita bailiffs. So I have 3 x PCN's, unpaid, from xmas, I shouldnt have got 2 of them and was told by someone who worked at the council I wouldn't have to pay them, but I didnt fill in the appeal in time, and so now I have bailiffs hounding me. So he wants £1400 (which he will kindly reduce to £700 if I pay £400 ASAP) for £210 worth of fines, I have asked for a breakdown of charges and he has charged 2 x £160 attendance charges, he has only been once, the other charges seem to be pretty much within the law, and total around £600. I have told him I just dont have that type of money, and I am a single mother on benefits, and I really do not have anyone who would lend it to me, I told him this over the phone, which he twisted my words, and said if I am refusing to pay, he will be reattending the property with a lock smith this week to take the goods, I told him I knew my rights and I have never let him in he wouldnt be able to, to which he basically said thats what you think. Now I almost want it to go back to court somehow so I can fight my corner but am fed up of living in fear, and I want to get this sorted somehow. I have been to CAB, called the council who issued the tickets and begged, looked into legal aid and spoken to a debt specialist to see if I could get legal aid, he basically said if the bailiffs cant get in it will go back to the council who will instruct new bailiffs to try, and if they have no joy, the council will either, can not remember the exact name but basically the debt will sit on my house till its sold, and then will need to be paid, or they will try and force bankcrupcy! This is a absolute nightmare for me, my ex partner only left me, 6 weeks ago, and now this, I would really appreciate it if anyone could advise me, or I am going to have no option but to just let him in and take mine and my childs things. Many thanks in advance.
  20. Just to update, I have also contacted the council whole issued the charges by email as have no money and no credit on my phone, but it said they would get back to me in ten days!
  21. hi, just wondering if anyone can help me. had equita round yesterday, for 3 unpaid PCN's, 2 of which my ex partner recieved, as long story short, was working as a market manager at a christmas market, and had his car on site, and got a ticket, but was told by someone who worked at the council that he could challenge it and wouldnt have to pay. The other was my fault and I admit liability. We challeneged it 3 times but the council just wouldnt budge. Now Equita, want £409 today for ONE ticket. I do not have that kinf of money, I am a single mum on my own, and 2 of the tickets are not mine, but the car is regesitered in my name so I know that I am liable. So far I have visited CAB - they tried but he wouldnt budge an inch, read lots of advice on here and a bailiff advice site but there is so much to go through. I have sold the car to my mum and got a reciept, and am about to send to log book off so its in her name. I have hidden the car, wouldnt be impossible to find, but its out of view, and not on my drive. I will be calling him in a little while to try and get a breakdown of charges. My question is, is there anything else I can do? I am sat here nervous waiting for a knock at the door! Many thanks for any advice that you can give me.
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