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  1. I have just recently had to make a claim for my dog scooby (bearing in mind i had wedding insurance with e and l and they paid out if full when our venue went best - this is reason scooby is with them)scooby had injured his neck and it affected his walking - the vets did xrays, blood tests etc and they suggested if he doesnt get better on his own with rest and medication will need an mri to see if it is a disc problem (xrays were clear)when i called e and l initally they were very helpful i passed the claim form to the vet which they filled in - during scoobys checkup the vet mentioned his knee cap is out of joint and has been like that for a while (scooby has never complained of any pain and has no probs running etc) the vet said he may need operationi rang e and l and they told me that he would be covered under a continious claim form.this morning i had a letter from them stating that they will be excluding cover for his patella after 30/08/11 - i rang them and they basically said that if he needs the operation he needs it now otherwise cant claim for it - i feel like that they are forcing me to put him under more stress - i asked about the mri as he did have arelapse last week (but seems better) they told me that they may or not pay out on it but as i had the lower cover he is only covered for £1000 and mri is between £1200 - £2000i am not happy with the service and i feel presurised to put scooby through this even though he is getting better slowly i am goin to see my vet and tell him about this and see if he will agree to continue give him drugs when needed - he is not that bad to think of the alternative and i cant afford the mri and i cant accept e and l sayin they may pay out part of cost for mri!
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