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  1. Hi Ida,Do you know where I can find a good debt lawyer to deal with this. I am in Falkirk but know of no lawyers in this area specialising. So probably Glasgow or Edinburgh. I think I need professional advice fast! I received no charge of payment that i can recall. Thing being I wasnt at the address they are chasing me at now, so dont know.Thanks
  2. Hi,I think it was a credit card taken out around 2002, they got a decree against me because I was not living at the address at the time. I only found out about this decree last year when they put an inhibition order on my house! I dont even know what the original debt is and can find no information for help. I didnt think it was legal to try and bankrupt someone for £3,500? I am really desperate for advice!
  3. Hi can anyone help me. I have just received a letter from a debt collection agency who have a decree against me and are threatening to make me bankrupt. Is this legal in scotland, I owe them around 3500 but have always disputed the debt. help
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