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  1. most shops and supermarkets including some shopping centres do have threats against false dec. try to find another shop to less stress (found)
  2. related to enquiry I live in North East Lincolnshire and read your posts. In my council that their have the right to chase you up not paying your council tax know as *Gone Away* in your letters some of them are threaten from yourself to them. thats why their consulted their legal department for slander against you. try to understand North East Lincolnshire council point of view. If you got problems paying your council tax try to do a payment plan with them
  3. my new years resolution is not to go onto payday loans after consulted my finance advisor told me its Hard and they dont know the laws too.
  4. hmm you getting unpaid martity leave (you should have the right to have paid maritiy leave (that company has broken your contract!)
  5. Talk to your employer you have the right to speak to your employer if you have problems at home or work (Human resources can be the best)
  6. welcome to the forum are you a disable or single mum on working tax credit?
  7. Boots have a problem with false accused people (their security staff are bored) i been told. these are very useless security guard again who is denial and accused you be a shoplifter. Did he have a security id from SIA ? You can report him to SIA and the company he employed him.
  8. the ebay seller is broken the ebay terms of services you can do a charge back to your credit card if you have internet banking their is a form for you to download and send the form back to them. can you tell me what the mechant name so i can do a trace on them. ( I am trained in that) You have the right to ring up ebay and tell them! They can do a violation against the seller.
  9. does anyone knows AKMAN(UK)ESSENTIALS if you do some websites say it is a loan company who take out when applying for a loan (the Money out of your money account without ur permission) I dont know which company or other
  10. I was about to tell u about it but brig beat me to it cheers mate
  11. i will mention it to the police (I have police friends working in humberside and rest of the world.) i will make a statement to them on to the police and others. I will ring up my banks and buliding socities including equifax and exprian.
  12. also asked her to go here http://www.cifas.org.uk/pr_for_individuals
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