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  1. Thank you so much your all so lovely! I am writing them a letter to say that I am not going back as they have made the situation untenable. Internal resourcing have ignored me so I do have some kind of proof that they are not supporting me. The reason I am making the mistakes is because im so stressed vicious circle! I hope that I manage to just get away with them without me having to get a bad reference I understand legally they are not allowed to do that? What if they proove that I am wrong and that this all goes badly wrong for me? Apologies I am weak and tired so probably not making much sense!
  2. Thank you. Well I screwed up today made some mistakes with my work because I've got a stomach bug and I'm extremely stressed! My boss had a go at me and I cried in the office. They sent me home because I was ill. But still this gives them more ammo against me! I'm so annoyed with myself but I was genuinely ill I don't know what else to do I feel like the world I know has crumbled and all my confidence withered into the dark abyss..
  3. I work for a recruitment company in London. I decided after not getting the support I needed in order to do my role and being told by one of my Managers "off the record" that our joint head boss was thinking of sacking me that I should go and find another job.. My Manager then went and told him I was looking for another job. I then decided that I wanted to apply for internal roles. They informed me that i could apply for internal roles and could only backfill my position unless I handed in my resignation letter. After a meeting with HR they informed me this is not true whatsoever and not company policy and frankly seemed shocked! Do I have a case for constructive dismissal? This does not stop here it is not only to mention the bullying, threats of development plans, disciplinary and re-writing my resignation letter 3 times.. resulting in the last one being dictated to me! Please note that I am no longer able to go for internal roles as they have ensured that internal resourcing do not get back to me and all the jobs I had interviews/offers for have now been put on hold even though one of them was readvterised the same day internally only... I know these B******s play real hardball and I have obviously been manipulated up until now and I need to ensure I play this right. This whole experience has resulted in me being extremely stressed and very ill. I am staying with my parents in my old bedroom because I am unable to cope on my own. This has ruined my confidence and career and I feel like I am loosing a hard battle. Many thanks for your help.
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