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  1. I have just checked my credit file too and found quick quid and lending stream on it but I have paid them all off
  2. because i dont know how to do that maybe someone will come along and do this but if u have a laptop read the mirror on line:razz:
  3. first of all do not let any baliffe into ur home ever lock ur doors and windows and dont answer the door and take immediate advice from cccs or national debtline they will help you today .to protect your self do this now and call one of them now:-x
  5. :violin:Do what most of us did on here cancel ur card immediatly with your bank say u have lost it and get a new one asap and dont give them your new bank card details or they will continue to raid your account like they did with mine all in one go leaving me with zero money ..see todays mirror paper on the loan sharks its good reading
  6. Amazing if this is qq account numbers as they are well known for not giving it to anyone .well done grab that account number quick peeps
  7. Hi stick at em tell them by email only that you cannot afford that loan and that they must help you with a lower payment plan say for a year .don't ever phone them and keep all your emails as evidence and in cases where people do refuse to pay the agreed sum qq will send it to a dca but sometimes this is better as you can negotiate a lower plan .never give up keep at it and insist on a pay plan you can afford and if they become stroppy tell tham you will report them to trading standards ..good luck
  8. no i put on about the lloyds banking group not to discuss the co op failings on my part so id just like to mention about the lloyds bank selling off if i want to discuss the co op il go on the forums for them when im ready and you have singled out the co op for some reason just because i mentioned it in this post so therefore iv removed the bit about the co op and lets just stay on lloyds
  9. my opinion on the co op iv had accounts with them before and do not rate them the best
  10. lloyds tsb changing accounts over to the co op when we have no choice in the matter and we have to reapply for another llyods account when it moves to the co op ,why cant lloyds tsb just ask us customers if we want to stay and keep the account as it is,any reply from a lloyds tsb manager or other will be gratefull
  11. Hi the sun paper today on sunday highlights speedy cash ,pawnbrokers ,cash convertors,and cash 22 lending to vulnerable individuals when clearly the individuals cannot afford the loan
  12. Iv noticed advice given about priority debts and it not being accurate which can upset and confuse the people asking for advice ...if any one needs clarification and wants the truth phone cccs or other to get the correct information as this site only is supposed to give advice but it doesnt mean its correct
  13. Just thought id pop on and see how ur all doing ..user daisy has done just fab well done for getting ur self back in control u see u all can do it its perseverence and understanding that gets u through life also nice to see asmilecostsnothing and sillygirl giving excellent advice still .u two deserve medals
  14. Asmilecostsnothing ur amazing ,sillygirl ur just fab too and blossom ur great i do now have to genuinly leave cag and thank you from the heart for helping me be free of pdl i wish u all well in the future and cag can now delete my account byee
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