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  1. I have just found out the FOS has issued its Final Decision in my favour. TFC now owe me in excess of £16k for PPI, interest they charged on the PPI + 8% interest simple. Now I think its about time I turned the tables on them and gave them a taste of their own medicine and start harrassing them for my money. Revenge is sweet
  2. I did do the spreadsheet but TFC added 3522.97 interest onto the loan for PPI so not sure how this is treated. I have also just looked at the contract and found an error with the workings. They have stated the total amount payable is worked out as follows:Original Cash Price + Interest + Arrangement Fee + Credit Facility Fee Interest is calculated by original cash price less advance payment x aprI thought it would be Amount of credit (cash price less advance payment) + Interest + Arrangement Fee + Credit Facility FeeWould the above be correct if so is the contract voidable?
  3. The Ombudsman has found in my favour - final decision. They have said they want me back in the position I would of been if I hadn't taken out the PPI does that mean that the PPI premium will be refunded plus 8% interest simple + Interest charged for the PPI + 8% Interest Simple and refund of premiums paid + 8% interest simple. Refund of Payment Protection Insurance + 8% Interest (simple) therefore 2903.03 x 8% x (1781 / 365 ) = 2,903.03 + 1,133.22 = 4,036.25 Refund of interest for Insurance + 8% Interest (simple) therefore 6,426.00 x 8% x (1781 / 365) = 6,426.00 + 2,508.43 = 8,934.43 Refund of Premiums made + 8% Interest (simple) = 1,351.42 + 460.89 = 1,812.31 Total owed therefore would be 4,036.25 + 8,934.43 + 1,812.31 = 14,782.99 The above is what I have worked out can someone advise if this is correct please?
  4. Are tehy localto where you live if so pop in and sit in reception until the MD agrees to see you. Everytime a visitor comes in make a point of stating your still waiting for your complaint to be resolved just loud enough for the new visitor to hear so they can see what a bunch of muppets this company is and they may think twice about dealing with them. If this company is based in Blackpool according to companies house they are not trading company reg no 06610790
  5. Dont expect a letter from The funding Corporation as they believe despite having pre exsisting medical conditions you can still claim. Pityu their policy paperwork contradicts that. The Financial Ombudsman have also stated that despite a previous ruling in my favour based on medical grounds (claim made to FSCS for Welcome) they are not bound by the decision
  6. With reference to the above the FOS found in my favour back in November but TFC disputed their findings what a surprise and so it has been referred to Ombudsman for final decision. Bascially FOS ripped into TFC for selling a policy to me which basically would not of met my demands and needs due to pre exiasting health conditions. They even had the gall to say that despite having pre existing health conditions I could claim ion policy however when you read the policy it clearly states that you cant.Will update when hear more
  7. I used this website for reference but also had an interesting email from Tim Thorne Herefordshire Trading Standards regarding getting these. Wolverhampton Trading Standards were not interested and nor was the Financial Ombudsman because of the fact they had obtained a court order.The FOS are currently looking at my PPI against them and is now in the hands of a final adjudicator.PsApologies for long delay jsut returned to work after rupturing achilles tendon
  8. Good afternoon All, With regards to the above I will cut a long story short. TFC have admitted that the Bill of Sale is invalid. After seeing on this site Herefordshire Trading Standards were compiling a case I sought further information. I ran my particualr case past them and they advised to get my CCJ set aside using section 140a & 140b of the consumer credit act and also section 90 & 91 might also be relevant as TFC had reposses the car using in their words the Bill of Sale was relied upon in good faith but surely they would of been in a position to know that the Bill of Sale was worthless prior to the repossession Your comments / advice are always appreciated
  9. Am I right in assuming that in year 6 from the start date the entry on the consumer creedit file will be removed? I'm in year 3 of my IVA and next year will be looking to remortgage to introduce funds to the IVA so will be debt free from Jan 2014 except of course my mortgage. Or will it be on file until 2020? I know we will have to disclose it if we apply for credit but not sure for how long we have to keep disclosing it for
  10. What a bunch of clowns lets all club together and get this company struck off. This company has lodged huge losses on their accounts (available from Companies House) might be worth getting in touch with Philip Jones (Company Secretary), Adrian Hill (Director), Graham Clarke (Director). They can be contatced at the Registered office address of the company. It will be interesting to see what their views are on the experiences of numerous consumers who have had forced entry, false inprisonment by police, poor service (understatement), lied to etc etc etc Best bet might be Mr Hill mightbe the best bet as he is also a director of The British Credit Trust as well as Tesco Personal Finance Plc
  11. This company is a joke. Why can't they do the decent thing and sort out theproblem. In my opinion they have 2 options 1. Do business properly, give good service, resolve queries in a timely manner or 2. Do us all a favour and Dissolve the company with Companies House. My advice to any person on here who has problems with these clowns: 1. Withhold any payment 2. Charge them storage for their goods which are faulty 3. Issue them with a Letter before Action adding all costs and statutory interest onto it 4. Obtain judgement by default 5. Instruct bailiffs to recover debt from them. Alternatively issue them with a Stutory Demand for said amount and if they fail make a push to dissolve the company I'm sure a number of people on here who have had problems with them would contribute to the cost of a Winding Up Petition No prizes for guessing what I do for a living
  12. Fish & Co solicitors in Wolverhampton specialise in this type of case, and they also do legal aid work. Might be worth speaking to these for advice.
  13. I looked on Companies House and there is no mention of IM Group could you send me the details of Hereford Trading Standards so that I can send him my paperwork. I have a Bill of Sale that is invlaid yet they still took the car, i have put in a PPI that has been accepted by the Ombudsman on the grounds of my pre existing medical condition. They have stated that I could still claim on the PPI even though I had pre existing conditions but the insurance details atate I cannot. If they cannot get the basics correct what chance is there on them resolving complaints to a satisfactory level
  14. Contact Phil Bentley at British Gas he is the Managing Director and can be quite helpful dependiong on what kind of mood he is in
  15. they are a bunch of muppets. I requested copy letters from them last week and they sent me one last week that mentions a payment that was made recently by me but doesn't appear on my statement. When I queried it they stated that I had to prove I sent it. They didnt like it whe i said you sent me a letter confirming receipt of it therefore theirs your proof
  16. Which interest rate do I use as I have an interest rate quoted in section 3 (APR) of the credit agreement and then another interest rate which is lower than the one above in section 4 which is the fixed rate per annum
  17. Today I learnt the Ombudsman has found in my favour and ordered TFC to put me back in the position I would of been if I hadn't taken the PPI policy. My question is as it is now been charged onto my property and the policy terminated with no rebate do I treat it as though the full term of the loan had expired and all premiums paid inorder to work out the refund using the calc available on this website?
  18. Speak to the Insolvency Service or even Citizens Advice. My gut reation to question 2 is No as it is only the court who can decide who is judged to be bankrupt.
  19. You will find this is The Funding Corporation and most likely the Bill of Sale is invalid you should write a letter of complaint to them also refer to a 35 page saga which POSTGGJ is involved with as it makes interesting read
  20. what can they possibly achieve by hacking into it unless of course they are on the receiving end of a claim
  21. How is this progressing? I have read with great interest all 35 pages today and some of it is simialr to what I'm going through with The Funding Corporation. I have a Bill of Sale not signed by me or my partner, the credit agreement is signed by us along with an employee of ACF but the same employee has also witnessed this Bill of Sale. The Funding Corp have agreed that the Bill of Sale is valid but state that the Credit Agreement is valid beceause it was enforced by the courts when we were going through a particulary bad patch .Am I right in thinking because of the Logbook Loans judgement my Credit Agreement is invalid if someone can advise would be appreciated
  22. Have you got a signed Bill of Sale if not ask them for a copy as you will find it was executed incorrectly
  23. Many thanks for the link, just received update from FOS which looks promising
  24. Nish,Can you send me details for Hereford Trading Standards so that I can send them my caseRegardsSmileymiley
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