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  1. He was paying this card for nearly 3 years and paid over 5k on it in total (last 2 years it was around 120/month) - so there is some proof that something was paid. I think that most of it are charges and interest.
  2. I'm just wondering if by enforcement you mean for example: "getting to his wages by court order and force him to repay it". He's no property and employer doesn't care about the credit rating, so this is not a concern.
  3. Thanks for advise - he has to be here to check it probably, or can he do this over the phone? And as far as I know he can't pay it off, at least not now, so I'd say that for the next 6 - 12 months he wants to fly under the radar. Our main concern is if they can get to his wages somehow? I've got a permanent job for him, but it's not much money - I'm wondering if they can somehow get a court order and make him pay it off. Also we just calculated how much he interest + repayments he paid on the card between 2010 and 2013 and it amounts to over 5k. I don't know if it makes any diff
  4. The amount outstanding is 4,5k. I don't know if this amount is enough for them to go through the court process?
  5. Thank you for your quick answer. I'm wondering how long in would take to go to that point ?
  6. Hi, My good friend used to live in the UK sometime ago. He left a year ago to take care of his sick family member and left unpaid credit card behind him (around 4k). Now he has to come back. I've got work sorted out for him and he can stay in my place. Now my question is, what is the worst that can happen to him? I know nobody will stop him at the airport, or arrest him, but: 1/ will he be able to open another bank account in different bank? 2/ Will they take him to court and take it away directly from his wages if he doesn't pay it (right now it's not an option) 3/ what else ca
  7. @2Grumpy Thank you for your quick answer Should I send it by post? Also – where do I get the form? Sorry – it's probably somewhere on this forum, but I didn't manage to find it yet. I talked to them few months ago, but they completely disregarded the fact that my phone was disconnected for over 3 weeks. I can't find my old bills – they were in paper format I put one “x” too many. It's three hundred pounds. My clumsiness. But yes – I believe they're charging me contract money for each month. So there are 5-6 months when I didn'
  8. @renegadeimp Thank you for your quick response. This is what I've received: Dear Mr XXXX We have been instructed by EE (formerly orange) To collect your overdue debt of £3xxx The purpose of this letter is to ask you to contact us so that we can discuss repayment of this account. We offer a number of repayment methods which are listed on the back of this letter. We will always seek to a agree with you a repayment plan that you can afford where payment in full is not possible. However, it is important that you are also aware of the possible conseq
  9. Hi, I've just received a letter from Moorcroft Debt Recovery Ltd. Moorcroft is trying to scare me with “legal proceedings”; “possible litigation” etc. It's the same issue – repaying for EE account. The only question I'm asking myself is this: Can they obtain a court order and force me to pay this out directly from my wages? I would appreciate any response. I want to move one way or another. Those charges are out of the whack, but if they can pile it up and than take it away from me anyway, I'd rather pay it now. If the only thread is trashing my credit file – than ok. I don't
  10. Thanks for a reply. This is what letter says: "Dear mr xxxxx We have been instructed by our client Orange to seek immediate payment of the above overdue amount> To discuss your payment options or to pay the overdue amount in full, please contact us on the above number. Late payment have been registered against your credit file. continued non payment will ultimately result in a default being registered on your credit file. This may affect your ability to obtain credit in the future." I don't know what they they can really do. To be honest I couldn't care less about my "c
  11. Hi, I just received a letter from "Network Finance Recovery" to pay for "overdue account" in Orange. I split with Orange 3 months ago, after being 4 years with them and they've sent me two bills, each for over 100 pound, which I completely disagree with. I actually paid one, and didn't pay the other one (I simply cancelled my dd with them). Right now I have a letter from this finance recovery company asking me to pay the bill + their fine (around 50 quid). Anybody ever dealt with Network Finance Recovery? Is there any way to contest all this and simply avoid paying this bill? Whi
  12. Thanks a million - at least I know I can still drive
  13. I get you. But there is only one real reason why they hold on to this piece of paper: “pay £20 by MasterCard, Visa, Electron, Maestro or Delta debit or credit card”. For over a decade green counterparts are obsolete. Virtually everyone with driving license close to me lost his green counterpart at some point. Public institutions are holding to this antiquated piece of paper exactly because it causes aggravation for people. Most of them lose it. Speaking in marketing terms, they have front end profit from selling new green counterparts (piece of paper worth 10p for 20 quid) and profit on t
  14. Thank you for your advice, it's much appreciated. I will apply for a new license online now.
  15. thanks for a reply and link. I know I have to apply for a new one. My point was that I never knew that I have to send the old one. Maybe they've sent a letter but I have not received it. I don't know what happened to recorded delivery? There is actually no proof of delivery of ANY communication from them. There are two failures here: 1/ the need to send driving license off as such. This is nonsense - they don't need it 2/ lack of proof of delivery. I believe especially the second point should be explored more. But probably it's for naught. Thanks anyway. Regards, JJ
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