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  1. Hi, With CashEuroNet UK now in administration I am wondering what to do with my remaining loan with them. I have put in a IRL / Redress complaint dating back to 2013 for several Quick Quid, Pounds to Pocket and On Stride loans, roll overs, etc but I know that I am unlikely to get much back from them now they're in administration. Should I continue to pay my existing loan? Unfortunately a payment came out last week before i learned of their demise, so should I stop future payments? I have read about Wonga loans being 'set-off' against redress claims so am wondering if the same will happen here? Obviously if I pay the remainder, I will only get about 10% of it back if any complaint is upheld. I have 4 remaining payments of about £120 each. My credit rating is slowly on the mend and I don't want any new defaults as I have all but got rid of previous ones. Any advice appreciated. Thanks
  2. So using my credit card would probably be ok then ? I have a card with a low limit so I could just use that I guess.Obviously S/O would be better...but Gothia don't put contact details on their emails.Does anyone have a contact number for them ? Edit : Just remembered that I've got an O2 Money pre-pay debit card too, so I might just use that.
  3. OK so I defaulted on a few PayDay Loans in August and managed to setup a payment plan with some of them no problem. A few that were being awkward have now been passed to Gothia Ltd who have sent me emails offering me reduced payments / payment plans. Firstly...are Gothia legit ? I presume they are but as my only correspondence from them has been by email then I would like to make sure. Secondly...the payment plans / reduced payments they are offering are reasonable and I'd like to accept them but obviously I have to enter card details. Would entering my debit card details for these plans be wise ?? Obviously, I've changed banks since my Payday loan defaults so no-one has my current card details and I'm apprehensive about giving them out. Or should I just enter credit card details, as obviously my credit card offers a bit more protection ? There are no contact details (apart from address) for Gothia, so I'm unsure if I can arrange payment by other means. Thanks for any advise.
  4. I had rolled it over 1 month already, but also paid £50 off the original balance when I did.
  5. Thanks for the reply. It actually made my day that I'd angered him because he used all sorts of dirty tactics to get me to pay the additional £220....applying for commital to prison, taking my car (I don't even have one), locksmith, he's an enforcement officer not a bailiff, etc, etc. Kept advising me that I was wrong that he could only charge £42.50 (funny how he phoned me back 10 mins later accepting £42.50, yet failed to tell me that £42.50 was already included in the original sum).
  6. It sounds tempting, but is advising them first really the right thing to do ? It's frustrating how some PDL companies are really easy to deal with and others are awkward as hell. The most annoying thing is that I've seen others on here that have agreed payment plans with Uncle Buck for larger amounts over a longer period of time, yet they just refuse my offer point blank.
  7. Thanks. They have now replied with bank details but made a point of saying that if I make £50 payments then this will not stop interest / charges as it was not agreed with them. Should I inform them that I only intend to pay the balance plus one month interest, or should I just make the payments each month without saying anything ??
  8. Please, does anyone have any suggestions ? Or does even Uncle Bucks payment details so I can make payments to them regardless.
  9. I have been trying to arrange a payment plan with Uncle Buck but so far have had no joy as they refuse my offer. I owe them £273 and after working out my disposable income and splitting it between my creditors I can afford to pay them £50 per month. I sent them this offer by email and they have refused saying "as we offer short term loans, £50 is not acceptable". I wrote to them again stating that all I could afford was £50 per month and that I would be making this payment regardless, but again they replied saying it is not acceptable and I would charged £1.75 per day in interest. Obviously I don't want the interest to stack up as I keep paying my £50 per month, so can anyone suggest how I can get them to accept the offer, or how I can avoid paying £1.75 per day in interest over the 5-6 months it will take me to pay them back. I've read on here that they can only charge 1 month interest (I had already rolled over my loan once), is that true ? Where in section 87 of CCA exactly does it state that ? I have also asked for their bank details so I can send payments, but they have simply ignored this request, again stating that £50 per month is not acceptable.Please help !!
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