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  1. Haha, thanks for the advice, i feel alot better now i guess i was lucky
  2. haha so you think im okay? do you know your stuff about this sort of thing then?
  3. But what if the person who lives at the address ask for cctv to prove its not them and im there? sorry just abit paranoid
  4. i buy my ticket normally but this one time, the train was there as i got there!I was getting off at the next station and it only takes 5 minutes to get there so i thought i would risk it. out of the blue, 2 ticket inspectors came as i was about to get off and asked for my ticket, i panicked and said i put it in the bin as i didnt need it due to the station having no barriers. he said 'ill take your details' im only 16 so i panicked and gave false ones! he asked me to name a relative living there over 18 to verify and i couldnt but he still gave me the ticket as he had to get on another train! i feel really guilty for giving a false name but due to my mum and dad breaking up, we are not in the best financial situation and i dont want to put this on them! is there a big chance i will get caught because if there is, i will own up as this will put to much pressure on my family.
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