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  1. Nope - I'm not running Bio Diesel or anything like that. The car has been run pretty lightly and normally since I bought it and had 2 oil changes in the past 12 months with Ford's recommended oil. Only 11,000 miles driven since December 2009. I think my only option now is to sell it as "spares or repair" to someone who knows what they're doing.
  2. This is what is ridiculous to me as a complete layman. How can so many people be suggesting that Ford screwed up somehow, yet they can get away with it? Sure... but they're essentially turning away the work now, which leaves me pretty stuck, doesn't it? Going elsewhere would put me back at square one in terms of costs. Besides, I'm not sure how many experienced mechanics out there (who have yet to come across this particular issue) would have the humility to declare a Ford Focus to be a challenging fix. It's not the most exotic of cars! In other online discussions I've
  3. Hi Mothy As I understand it, Ford are required to make the TSB available to those that ask for it, but that doesn't mean they are required to go out of their way to provide the information unfortunately. It would make sense if it were provided with each replacement turbo as standard, but such a move appears to be too generous for the likes of Ford. A word of warning - even following the TSB to the letter is no guarantee. My car's oil flow at the turbo was measured at 3 times the recommended minimum when my 2nd replacement turbo was fitted, but it still failed a couple of months later
  4. Just called the UK distributor for Garrett. I mentioned I have a Ford Focus that has been through several turbos. Was immediately asked "1.6?". Paraphrasing - Those engines are problematic. They should have been recalled by Ford, but weren't because there are too many out there now. It will keep blowing turbos due to carbon build-up, it doesn't matter what you do.
  5. I don't understand. What is this referring to? Since the repairers have already tried to fix this twice, I was wondering if there are any specific issues I should ask them to investigate this time, beyond just "taking another look". Mis-fuelling? Injector seals? I have already discussed this 3rd failure with the repairers, who also discussed this with the Ford branch, and the official line so far is that the engine flush was insufficient. But this is just par for the course (allegedly) - sometimes the flush doesn't work no matter who is doing it, and it's my tough luck acc
  6. Sure... I realise that getting any kind of satisfaction from Ford will be pretty much impossible. A family friend who has been in a similar position with a Peugeot advised me that I should just write the car off, sell it as scrap, and move on ASAP because these kinds of situations can get very depressing. Thanks for asking around for me. Are there any specific questions I should ask? Or will simply asking them to establish why the 3rd turbo has failed be enough? If they establish that the oil ways are blocked again, could I reasonably expect them to lo
  7. So the theory is - - a leaking injector seal allows hot gas to escape, which heats up a certain area of the engine - this then "cooks" the oil that passes through this area - this cooked oil causes carbon build-up - this leads once again to blocked oil ways and turbo failure. Does this make sense to any of the more mechanically-minded forum members? It could certainly explain why my car's 3rd turbo has failed, even after an extensive engine flush and replacement of parts. And also explains why my 2 replacement turbos did not fail immediately, but instead they both failed
  8. I'll try and collect some links and quotes that I have found (my post count isn't high enough to put up URLs yet): Discussion of Injector Seal leakage in the 1.6 Focus TDCi leading to carbon build up, leading to turbo failure: w w w.ilexa.co.uk/forum/index.php?topic=29874.0 [with thanks to OldGeezer]
  9. It drives, but without a functioning turbo, so it struggles to get over 30-40 and decelerates whenever there is an incline on the road, so I consider it unsafe. Plus I'm concerned that driving with blocked oil ways will do further damage to the engine. I haven't driven it since the turbo went for a 3rd time (the beginning of August). Ford came and picked it up and dropped it back on August 9th, which is when they diagnosed it as needing a new engine. Since then it's been parked up. I don't really know what stage I'm at with the repairers. - They know that the turbo has failed again
  10. Thanks Hammy. Just to keep everyone posted, after receiving details about the leaky injector seal issue from OldGeezer, I popped out to the car and lifted the bonnet. Lo and behold, the 3rd injector has a noticeable amount of shiny black slime around its base, when viewed from above. The other 3 injectors don't. It's by no means extreme, but it's certainly there and identifiable to my untrained eye. So now I'm wondering why neither the independent garage nor the Ford branch noticed or thought it worth checking. If Ford are advising customers to replace their entire engine when instea
  11. Thank you oldgeezer I have enough posts to PM now, so I have sent you a private message with my email address. I will also be able to contact the poster called Hammy mentioned up thread.
  12. This is too confusing. I can see how the need for a system flush and change of pipes / filters is a known issue, since there is a TSB from Ford themselves which I have seen with my own eyes. How can I establish that the leaking injector seal should have been identified? This car has been seen twice by the same Ford branch in the past 6 months and injector seals have not been mentioned or identified as a problem. The independent garage also consulted a couple of other people in the trade who had dealt with turbo failures on the 1.6 Focus and none of them advised to check the injecto
  13. Thank you for the info. The plot thickens. I asked the independent garage last week if there were any other possible reason for the buildup of debris in the system and was told that there wasn't. It was explained that there was just too much debris in the system despite the flushing out and replacement of pipes and filters, and the banjo bolts are so small that it only takes a tiny bit of remaining debris to starve the turbo of oil. If it's well known, why didn't the Ford branch advise me that this is the probable cause of the 3rd turbo failure? Instead they first claimed the turbo rework
  14. Thanks for the reply. Yes - this is one of the main sticking points. I consider the independent garage to be straight up, but of course I'm wondering if they should have known about / researched the correct procedure for changing the turbo in December. From reading discussions online, I gather that some garages know about it, some don't. I agree that it would make sense to supply the TSB with the replacement turbos. It seems irresponsible not to. OK. I will try this. I have already written to Ford UK and received a "we have looked into the issue and our position ha
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