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  1. Hi there, I 'm not sure if this is the correct forum as it's a Scottish issue. My daughter is a foster carer and wants to take the child on holiday with the rest of the family. The problem is the child's parent will not give consent to any holidays in the UK or abroad nor even pass on the child's now expired passport. The parent will not agree to sign a passport form either which leaves my daughter with no option but to apply for a specific issue order in court to have the passport form signed and applied for in the child's name. Can anyone give me some pointers as to how we can go about this and any pitfalls we need to look out for. Thanks hodgsoi
  2. Thanks ericsbrother. Just had another "Action May Be Taken" threatogram yesterday. I'll just sit tight unless they ramp things up to a court claim as you say.
  3. Thanks ericsbrother. I'll just sit tight and ignore them then . if they do come back at least I have the ammunition to throw at them. As you say both parties are colluding in an illegal activity so maybe they don't want to push too hard anyway. Many thanks again for your invaluable assistance. It really is much appreciated.
  4. Ericsbrother, thanks for your assistance once again. Should I wait until I hear from Hillingdon Council to see if they will do anything off their own backs regarding Section 30 of the T & C Planning Act 2007 or should I contact them again to report an offence? What is the position with McDonald's now? Should I contact them as the land owner and ask if they know that there are illegally posted signs in their car park?
  5. Oddfellow, I've not received an update from Hillingdon Council as yet. When I do I will post it. Cheers Sorry Oddfellow, misread your post. Thought it was for me.
  6. Hi there, I sent off the planning enquiry to Hillingdon Council and got back the standard reply which I've copied below. Generally parking signs on private car parks serving a restaurant or shops etc. do not need advertisement consent if they are giving details of parking restrictions, hours of operation, charges, etc. If they were of excessively large size, we may have to consider them and see if they needed consent. If the query relates to terms of parking such as nominated users, fees, penalty charges and whether appropriate signage was displayed, this is not an issue controlled by planning legislation. Full planning history including advert applications can be viewed on website, enter site number 45578 in the reference field using the link below - http://planning.hillingdon.gov.uk/OcellaWeb/planningSearch This does not show any planning applications for parking signs so I replied to the council asking specifically for any details under the Town and Country Planning Act 2007 as suggested by ericsbrother. I'm still awaiting an update and will pst the reply when I get it. In the meantime, I have obtained some photos of the signage on site. There are two signs approx. 1200 x 800 posted at the entrance to the car park saying that there are parking restrictions in force with a maximum stay of 60 minutes and to see the details on the other signs. In the car park there are 13 signs posted around the car park at approx. 15m intervals. They are 600 x 800 and sit at a height of 2m above ground. Another two signs, 800 x 1200 with the same wording are posted at the exit to the car park and these are approx. 1.2m off the ground. Here's a PDF copy of the sign so that you can read the wording. McDonald's Parking Sign.pdf
  7. dx100uk, sorry, this is a reminder for the original PCN. Ericsbrother, thanks for the good advice. I'll need to see if I can get a few pics of the signage somewhere - I live in Scotland so it's a little awkward but I'm sure I'll manage something. Should I make enquiries about planning permission with the local council. I want to try and get my ducks in a row, as it were. Thanks again guys, I really appreciate the help.
  8. Hi there, just received another parking charge notice from MET telling me that the parking charge amount due is now £100. Do I start an appeal to them or is there some way that I can fight this based on McDonald's Real Estate LLP actually owning the land.
  9. It looks to me as if McDonald's is a subsidiary of McDonald's Real estate LLP. Real Estate LLP as registered as Persons With Significant Control over McDonald's Restaurants Ltd. McDonald's Company House.pdf McDonald's Company House 1.pdf
  10. Sorry Honeybee 13, hopefully this copy is better. I'm not too good with technology. I've done a Land Registry search and it looks like McDonald's own the land. What happens now? Do I have to tell MET who the driver is now? Land Registry File.pdf McDonald's.pdf
  11. Hi, as per ericsbrother's advice I sent off this letter and received their reply. It also says that this particular restaurant is not one of their franchised sites. Does this mean that they actually own it? What are my next steps? Is it time to contact MET? Thanks. McDonald's 1.pdf
  12. Thanks ericsbrother I'll do that next. Should I contact MET yet?
  13. sent a letter off to the restaurant and to McDonald's head office. I received this reply back from Customer Services. I am thinking of replying stating that I am disappointed that there is no recourse to appeal to McDonald's and asking where on the signs does it say that the maximum time can be exceeded with agreement of the manager. Does this sound ok for now? Should I now also write to MET asking if they have the necessary permissions etc. as per ericsbrother reply on 26/07/2016? McDonald's reply.pdf
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