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  1. Thanks again for all your advice, I simply asked if it could come out of my wages as money would have been tight with the fact that I had time off for my son and wouldn't be paid for that. I always stated I could cover it. I just don't know why they didn't say it was not acceptable and ask me to pay it immediately then everyone would have been clear and this wouldn't have escalated. The person who chaired meetings is a manager and he doesn't like me, he also said that he wasn't accusing me of theft in the meeting but the official paperwork states theft. I asked for the notes and this comment h
  2. The reason is because I had company funds in my wallet and I spent them as my baby was in hospital and there was no cash point at hospital. I had funds to pay the money back in the bank and at home, but I was off for next 2 weeks and as a result of this I forgot the money. When I was reminded by work I asked if it could be taken out of my wages instead of paying it back as I had suffered less wages as a result of time off. I stated 3 times I did have the money. They initially agreed to take the money on the next friday (payday) but then on Thursday before I received a letter stating that I was
  3. I was just wondering if anyone would be able to help answer a question? I wondered if an initial disciplinary letter stated that a verbal warning could be the possible outcome of a meeting, but I was then suspended and terminated is this unfair? I mean shouldn't they have said the consequences could have been dismissal not a verbal warning? Thanks for reading.
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