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  1. I have e-mailed him, fingers crossed! Many thanks for your help.
  2. Hi there, would really appreciate some advice on this matter as I'm not sure if I have been treated fairly or not. I bought an Indesit condensor tumble dryer 5 and a half years ago and after the manufacturers warranty expired I took out a new warranty for the machine with Domestic and General. I pay just over £7 a month for this and over the years have had them out six or seven times. The last three home visits have been in the last five weeks. The first visit was due to no heat from the drier, the engineer fitted a new water pump and went on his way. However, this did not fix the problem -consequently he came back within the week and fitted a new element which did resolve the problem. Ten or so days ago the drier started tripping the electrics and I contacted D and G again. The engineer came out after about a week's wait and said the machine was cursed and didn't seem to be wired up correctly. I went to do some housework and came back down to smoke in the air -the machine had actually caught fire whilst the engineer was running it! He said it would be about a week before they could get new parts. After he went I became quite scared thinking about what had just happened and how much worse that could have been - I have a young child and a baby in the house. I rang the complaints line at D and G and wanted to know why the machine couldn't just be written off, that I was quite frightened by it etc. Today I received a phone call from the big cheese at D and G saying that she had read the engineer's report and that a new back panel was needed including a new circuit board and the machine would not be replaced when it was deemed repairable. I said I wasn't happy with this outcome and that I really wanted a new machine. She then proceeded to tell me that if the machine caught fire within 28 days of the repair, then THAT is when I would get a new machine. I was quite astounded that my family could be put at risk in this way, since I have totally lost faith in the machine. She said she was the highest person I could go to unless I wrote to the Director-General. What do you think? Is what she said reasonable? Or do I have a case to pursue this further? Any advice or opinions would be welcome.
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