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  1. brilant am going to send them a letterto remove all implied licence and to keep all contact in writing
  2. yes i have the ccj ref and an account ref does anyone know or have experience on what these house agents are like?
  3. ive just taken out my credit report and it is showing the ccj on there
  4. ive just had a look and i recieved the claims form from northampton county court when i recieved this i rang howard cohen because this was the first thing i had recieved since i couldnt make the payments to santander and agreed on the phone to pay £18 per month the next letter i recieved was from lewis confirming my monthly payments and giving me giro slips i have nothing with a judgement on it from the court
  5. ok well it say the claimant is santander claims but but documents and payments should be sent to howard cohen & co, The claiment's claim is for the sum of 366.48 being monies due from the defendent to the claimentunder a regulated credit agreement made in writing. The defendent has failed to make payment in accordance with the terms of the agreement and a default notice has been served upon the defendent pursuant to section 87(1) of the consumer credit act 1974
  6. Originally my credit limt on the card was £250 i had about £200 on it but due to there charges and interest when i got my ccj i had £447 to repay them I defaulted on the account late last year and got the ccj beginning of this year at the time i just panicked and agreed to pay them £18 per month which due to my partner having surgery i missed a couple of payments but i agreed to pay £23 a month to clear the arrears. I have little knowledge of this area so was unsure of what to do
  7. they will not give me any details to do it this way the only options they have ever given me is giro slips or pay over the phone i dont understand how they can refuse a payment surely that is the whole point they want me to pay them?
  8. the debt was for a Dorothy perkins store card which due to unforeseen circumstances i couldn't keep up the payments the ccj was actually from howard cohen but the giro slips they sent where from lewis and when i phoned cohen they put me straight through to lewis are they the same people? i tried to pay onine but it would not let me saying the my details didnt match. When i rang it was to make a card payment over the phone which is the only other option i had but got put through to some muppet instead
  9. hi, i'm new to the forum but was hoping i could get some advice. I got a ccj beginning of this year regaurding a santander account, i agreed to repay £18 per month but unfortunalty after a few payments my partner had to have back surgery and our income decreased yet again. After writing to the lewis group and offering to repay £23 per month to cover the arrears they accepted but i did not hear anything back from them until AFTER the first payment had been unknowingly missed. I have just rang them to make the payment over the phone instead of payment slips but they REFUSED to take my payment as they are going to send someone to my house to arrange repayment? Im confused as ive arranged to repay it but they are not letting me do so and talking about further action? Please help!!
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