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  1. By the way... three months on, and no sign of "legal action"... The chickens have dispersed... The waiting game got me the golden egg... Happy days!!!
  2. No! And I think that you should remain calm... Just so you know, I am new to all this, so I am hoping no more letters will come, but I am sure that we ought not to worry. What did your letter say? Was it threatening, and how?
  3. Haha It seems that it is not the law but they who are the ASS ...cue braying sounds...
  4. Hello everyone, I had a Parking Eye notice, as explained in my thread here: Parking Charge Notice to Owner from today (12th August) at 14:39... I cannot post the link as I have not yet reached 10 posts... Anyway, it was interesting to read everyone else's story; mad, is it not, how Parking Eye are BPA members too... Who CAN we trust...
  5. Indeed... Thankfully I have a witness, who was in the car at the time, and who can validate the lack of clear signage or of barriers... I should add that the hotel is wedged between roads with no parking bays, and it makes it difficult, on arrival, to find suitable alternatives other than going in... right into the money trap... PS - The difficulty here is that I only have my and my travelling partner's memory to rely on, as the area is too far to return to now for taking photos/evidence... Unfortunately I do not know anyone in the immediate vicinity who could do me the honour
  6. Just a Post Scriptum! When I finished paying off my £10k (or so) of debt, I asked both DebtCollection Agencies, and the "mother" companies on behalf of whom they collected, to send me a letter to confirm that I had completed all repayments and the debt was cancelled. Two months have gone by and this has yet to happen... They were only all too keen to get the printer warm when I owed them money; now they do not even have the courtesy to do this... Funny world.
  7. I had a few calls from my bank credit card office and after speaking to someone there (by taking one of the calls) the calling went on for another two days but has now stopped... I did not cave into their demands for an instant payment by card and managed to negotiate time to pay when my salary is due in, which they accepted; I will set up a direct debit too... I am quite experienced now at negotiating with creditors, with only £600 left to pay, but in the past three years I have paid off about £10k of debt and when I was at the start of it all I did find it all very frigh
  8. Thank you I shall keep a low profile in my hide and wait for it to blow away ...
  9. Hello, anyone here Basically, got a letter from a car park management company demanding £££ (three figure sum) :mad2: Second letter plopped in not long ago with the pic of my car, front and rear, as I went in and left... Basically I went into a private car park to ask for accommodation information... This took quite a while, but less than one hour. MoneysavingExpert and other websites advise a no-response approach and avoiding the word "appeal", as this validates the basis on which one is being charged, which is under contract law... The letter states that I have brea
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