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  1. Skót

    Counter claim..?

    All I done was requested details of my bank charges for the past 6 years. They sent me them, with a covering letter saying they would not accept any claims. This was about 2 years ago now...
  2. Skót

    Counter claim..?

    Would it be possible to add this to my claim? When is the test case due to be heared as I havn't read anything about it in a while
  3. For the past 3 years or so Abbey have smacked me with £35 charges when I've gone £2 - £3 overdrawn, even though I have had £500+ in my other account, which are both linked to the same card. Whenever I have complained they've said it doesn't matter how much is in the other account as they are seperate funds. I've disputed this and attempted to claim the charges back, however they have said I can't while the test case is on going, therefore I have refused to pay any money in to the other account. Therefore each month they keep charging me £35 for an unauthorised overdraft. It's now at ar
  4. Do you have cable TV with Virgin? What call package do you have on your phone and what discount codes do you have on the bill. The prices you have stated are not even prices charged by VM (i know as I work for Virgin media sales)
  5. I would expect that the journy back to primark and home again (by bus / taxi / car(paying for parking)) would of cost you more than the knickers themseves? Usually if I get something faulty from primark it jsut goes in the bin, unless I know i have anothere reason to go back to town
  6. So what do you expect? A years free shopping? He has offered to give you your money back, or change them for new. It was probably a fair mistake to make. Just take the money and shop elsewhere. Writing to trading standards is a waste of yourtime, their time and our tax money that is paying for them to read the waste of time letter.
  7. I took the original contract out back in September / October 06 on an 18 month contract. Was due to finish in April this year
  8. Checking my account online states that I can not cancel until May08, yet I am on the simplicity (sim only) package. I work at Virgin Media (selling virgin mobile sim only) and theres works the same way, minimum 30 days + 30 day cancellation period. I havn't phoned yet, but will try tomorrow.
  9. Received an online bill for £62 for my phone tonight... "Sh**e thats high" I though, so I log on to see where its come from. While working out my usage I notice that they have changed me from a tarrif of 1000 texts and 500 mins for £20 pm, inlcuding my handset, to a SIM ONLY deal (400 mins, 500 texts) for £20 pm, which has entered me into a contract which requires a min 30day usage, plus 30 day cancelation period. Meaning I can not cancel until May 08. I have not contacted them via email, phone or post to request this change. Especially as it means I am worse off than I was. Whe
  10. 1) Its very hard to understand a story with no punctuation 2) Why would someone just drive off with TWO teles when they were blatently aware that they were replacing the faulty one. 3) What sort of person tells their wife to take it down the tip? Surely going back to the store with his wife to take the TV back / make a complaint would be more productive? If i was the manager of currys personally I would of involved the police, surely thats theft?
  11. Cheers my friend. Just frantically dug aroudn for a bank statement (ususally shred them) and luckally found the relevent one, along with a statement from 2005. Possibly the only two statements I still have. Will pop down tomorrow.
  12. This has happened to me 4 times in the last 3 months. Not abroad, but when I have been away from Home. I was in sheffield the other week and they blocked my card. Phoned up for the general CS monkey to say there is a flag on the account. Spoke to the (ignorant) fraud office who said there was no flag and that I didnt even try to use my card, or must of used a different card (i only have one?) Last night when I was out in town they also blocked my card, 2 am, no money, no means of getting home. Luckily a family member was still awake, I am fuming at them.
  13. Paid with Visa Debit... So a bank statement will do? Cheers
  14. About 10 months ago I bought a laptop from PC world which has developed a number of faults, the laptop hinge has broke, the power cable snapped and worst of all, the laptop electricutes the user if you touch the front edges. I tried to return it but as I can not locate the recept, they would not accept it. Do I have any standing here? I was thinking along the lines of using the data protection act, asking for all information held on myself, such as what I have bought, when I bought it and using what payment method. If I obtain these, would this constitute as proof of purcha
  15. My Girlfirend bought some tickets from ticketmaster.co.uk, which apear to be of "restricted view" catagory. However she didnt notice this when placing the order as it was stuck in the small print. As I understand it The Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 gives consumers 7 days from the day of receving the goods (the tickets) to return them, "just because" if they no longer want the product as a cooling off period. Would this apply to the tickets? if it does when would they apply from? When receiving the tickets or when placing the order? The company state th
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