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  1. CRS are a cowboy organisation. Want proof? Visit their homepage, and halfway down, observe the following quote: "The ethos of treating customers fairly is imbedded in our culture" https://creditresourcesolutions.co.uk/ Imbedded, huh? With such a shaky grasp of the English language, it is a wonder anyone can be bothered to take them seriously.
  2. The letter tells those accused of piracy that they need to pay a settlement or face legal action US firm TCYK, apparently named after film The Company You Keep, made Sky hand over details of customers accused of downloading movie
  3. Earlier this year I was contacted by MKDP regarding an old Nationwide Flexaccount that fell into disuse in December 2007. There has been no contact or acknowledgement of the account since then. When MKDP sent me their letter, I sent the very same letter back to them with the following printed over it in red lettering: STATUTE BARRED. NO ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF PAYMENT SINCE DECEMBER 2007. ENFORCEMENT NOT POSSIBLE. Today, they have written to me with the following: Please accept this letter as a Final Response to your concerns. Following a review of the account, I can verify that a payment was made to the account on the 25th August 2009 for the amount of £XX.XX. You are therefore liable for the outstanding balance stated above as the debt was acknowledged within the last six years. I know for a fact that there has been no payment in respect of the account since 2007, so clearly these monkeys are trying their luck with this alleged debt of £4673 (as opposed to the original debt of £1224). I have written back to them with this: Due to the lies contained in your letter, I cannot accept it as a Final Response to my concerns. Your letter states that a payment of £XX.XX was made on 25 August 2009. It is my belief that this is incorrect, and that the account remains Statute Barred. You have supplied NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER in support of your claim. In the absence of sufficient evidence, I am at liberty to assume that you are nothing more than a bunch of liars and thieves. If you truly believe that such a payment was made, then the onus is on you to prove that such payment was made. You will need to provide evidence of said payment. You will need to demonstrate where and how said payment was made. Simply claiming in your letter that said payment was made, is just not enough. In the absence of any evidence, I am perfectly entitled to maintain that this account remains Statute Barred, as no payment or acknowledgement was made in six years. Again, if you disagree, then you will need to demonstrate. A report has being prepared and shall be sent to the relevant statutory body. You are therefore advised to watch what you say in your letters, as any careless claims by yourself shall be used in evidence against you. I will also not hesitate in bringing a claim against you, should I see fit to do so. Question is, what grounds would I have for bringing a claim against these lying parasites? I know they are all mouth and no trousers, but their gall is properly upsetting and even stress-inducing. They should not be allowed to get away with this, and I really do need to hammer this home to them.
  4. Definitely not Gladstone Brookes - before they have even begun to try to get any money back, they will discuss the sordid subject of fees. And if you happen to be unable to meet those fees upfront, they have the unmitigated gall to ask you to complete an income and expenditure form. I dropped them at that point, and left them in a state of "Oi mate! OI MATE!" I am sure many of the folk on here will advise us to save money and do it ourselves, but let us see....
  5. I am guessing that any debt that they did not sell on, thus remaining with them, should be written off.
  6. I am guessing that any debt that they did not sell on, thus remaining with them, should be written off.
  7. Well, despite the site telling me "Your current trust rating means you can apply for up to £1,000", my request to borrow £50 was declined. I guess they are not lending anything out to anyone, for fear of having their bottoms spanked!
  8. Well, despite the site telling me "Your current trust rating means you can apply for up to £1,000", my request to borrow £50 was declined. I guess they are not lending anything out to anyone, for fear of having their bottoms spanked!
  9. I did a quick Google of that 0800 number that Marshall Hoares used, and it now appears to be used by a loan outfit based in east London: http://www.radicalloans.co.uk/contacts.php
  10. I have no outstanding PDL's so there is really no reason for this to arise. I guess the CCA request will be in order to find out just what this is all about.
  11. I have never been a student, therefore whatever it is these muppets have bought, they have described it incorrectly. As MMF are renowned for buying PDL's, I am worried that something has been taken out in my name. This is why the word "fraudulent" is playing on my mind. I do not recognise the debt and sure enough do not want it soiling my credit record. Any advice is welcome.
  12. Would a leter such as this be sufficient? FORMAL COMPLAINT This notice is with regard to a default entry made to my credit files. The entry is as follows: Motormile Finance Uk Limited Balance: £ 578 Updated: 01/04/2014 Status: Default Name ************* Address ************* Date of birth************* Account type Student Loan Account number ****6751 0 Account start date 18/06/2012 Opening balance £ 578 Repayment frequency Monthly Date of default 13/07/2012 Default balance £ 578 I do not recognise this account in any way. It is my belief that this entry is fraudulent, and as a result, requires IMMEDIATE REMOVAL from my credit files. PLEASE NOTE: This is not an acknowledgement of any debt, and the onus is on yourself to prove without doubt this debt is mine. This is not a SAR request, therefore there will not be a £10 fee for this service. A copy of this letter will be forwarded to the FCA under the heading CREDIT FITNESS, along with copies of your correspondence. Yours faithfully,
  13. Checked my Noddle credit report, and there is an entry by MMF for a "Student loan" First up, I do not recognise the account or the balance, and secondly I have never taken a student loan. What is my course of action? Do I send a formal complaint to MMF instructing them to remove this entry from my credit files? Advice please. Image attached... [ATTACH=CONFIG]52501[/ATTACH]
  14. Well, the idiots appear to have updated their site. Still looks a bit amateur though. Out of interest, are MMF in any way related to High Street Collections? The reason I ask is because the HSC Collection Process page contains pretty much the same content that the old MMF site did.
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