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  1. Hi, My brother went through the same thing last week. He booked his hotel (i'm not sure who with) and paid for it. A few days later he was told that it should not have been £300 it should have been £2300 a huge difference. They said they has put the wrong price on the website and they will be cancelled all bookings made, He then got an email the next day saying they have looked into it and have decided to houour the first price. So he has ended up with a bargain. I don't know what the law states over this but i'm sure if they didn't have to lose out on all that money they wouldnt have done. I remeber when I used to work in retail if I priced anything wrong then the customer had to have it that price!!
  2. Hi, I have a holiday booked for in 3 weeks time. I booked through onthebeach.co.uk I booked one of their recommended hotels and also booked my flights through them. A friend of mine returned from there last week and told me it is full of cockroaches, it has broken steps which people has cut there feet open on, people are getting food posioning, the hotel does not have airconditioning but when I booked I was told there would be fans and now they are charging for these per day, there is sick everywhere, staff are rude, stray cats all over the resort, urine stained sheets and towels, dirty pool, the list is endless. I have juyst read some reviews on the internet and when booking they would good but now there are some awful ones on there which photos as evidence. I am having surgery next week and this holiday is supposed to be for me to relax and take it easy whilst I recover. But from how irty it is there now I will be at risk of infection and food posioning. I have called onthebeach to tell them the hotel is not as advertised and I would like to change hotels. The lady on the phone was very rude and said it will cost £150 per person to switch hotels and then the cost of the hotel on top!! Is there anything else I can do? I don't have much money and saved for this holiday for a very long time and was really looking forward to it. Thanks in advance
  3. Hi, I had a policy with Admiral at the beggining of last year. I was with them for a couple of months when someone crashed into my parked car. My car was only worth £200 so it was an instant write off. The person who crashed into said they would pay me what the car is worth. I called Admiral and told them what had happened. I explained it was undrivable and it was a write off so I would not be needing the insurance anymore. They said as I was cancelling early I would need to pay one months payment which was £80 and then the policy would be cancelled. After the next months payment was taken from my back account I cancelled the direct debit and didnt hear anything from the again (This was May 2010) I purchased a brand new car in May 2010 and I have been driving this since. In June this year I started receiving texts, letters and calls from a company called DRS. They said I owe Admiral £70 and they had been told to collect it. I explained the situation to them and they said sorry and didn't call again. In July this year the called again and asked for the money. I told them I am not paying as I don't own anything to them. They have continued to call me every day for over a month, text and write to me. They have even said they will be coming to my door between 1st August - 1st September between 8-8!!! At the beginning of August a company called scottcall starting calling, texting and writing to me saying they have the debt of £75 and to ingore DRS and give them the money. I have called Admiral today and they have said that I did not call last year to cancel my policy!! I know I did and my partner was also there at the time of the phone call. They said they can sell the debt to as many companies as they want and they call call me as many times as they want and will continue to until I pay £100 I have been told 3 different amounts to pay. I do not own anything but how can I prove it? Also I was told there is a limit to how many times you can be contacted. I feel like I am being harrassed. They call me of witheld numbers, 0845 and even mobile numbers. Any help with this would be great
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