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  1. Hi, maybe I'm a bit thick (wife nodding in agreement), but I've tried searching for IND and drawn a blank. I know there are several threads about them (even contributed in a couple). So, any reason why these threads have gone? Is it that I am doing something wrong or have they been removed for a reason?
  2. Can I use a PO box address? And I did provide details to the original creditors, who conveniently ignored this.
  3. Hi all! From the beginning (well, not quite). CC debts and overdraft totaling around £20000. Lost job, had a long period of ill health, debts continued to rise. Couldn't pay. Informed all creditors. Then had chance of a new start in Russian Federation. Low pay, but employer provides accommodation. No assets in either country. Informed creditors of move. No reply. Two years down the line, CCJ from two dca. Applying for them to be set aside as not UK resident. Third dca, IND Ltd (yes, them) have sent a statutory demand to my mother's address, despite knowing that I do not live there.
  4. Hi, Apparently I've received a statutory demand from IND. I say apparently, because it's been sent to my mother's address in the UK. Can I be made bankrupt without anyone directly communicating with me? How likely is it that IND will bother-I have no assets in UK or RF? I don't even know which debt it was for.
  5. Hi, I moved to the Russian Federation over two years ago. At the time I had some CC debts. I notified the relevant companies of my move, but never heard anything from them. Now MBNA have started sending letters and making phone calls to my mother. As they are aware that I do not live at that address how can she get them to stop? All letters are being returned, but the phone calls are rather harder to deal with. They actually have my contact details. Also, if they apply for a CCJ I know that I can have it set aside as I am not resident-I have full Russian residency. What are the chanc
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