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  1. Thanks for your reply. I am raising this now as there has not been a reasonable opportunity to deal with it earlier. I'm confident the personal reasons for delay would be valid in court. I read on CAB website that council has to either accept an appeal or say that they do not and tell one what to do next - as I had post redirection in place at the time I would have expected to receive these so I would be very confident to say they did not send them at all. They just sat on it, waited for time to pass and then sent in the bailiffs despite having my email address and other contact details. Nobody would reasonably ignore a PCN for £70 knowing it will rocket to over £400, well, I didn't. I am also pretty sure the bailiff acted after the change in the law (change was 6 April 2014) and should have issued an enforcement notice 7 days before action but none was, just the note as previously described. (I have seen what an enf notice looks like and never got anything like that.) I have asked the council to evidence the dates they claim documents were sent but nothing heard yet.
  2. Got a PCN from Derby CC in 2013. Moved and was unaware they had not accepted my appeal nor given me any official notification that they had so bailiff left me handwritten note in June 2014 saying what was owed and his mobile number, NOT a Notice of Enforcement. According to CAB website bailiff MUST send the notice 7 days before any action can be taken. Due to my sate of mind at the time I just paid it to get the matter off my back. Was the bailiff at fault for not sending the notice? What action can I take against the council? The council never officially told me they would not accept my appeal and they also did NOT formally advise me of the right to an independent appeal which I believe is the law. Many thanks.
  3. I have been persistently contacted and pressured by AMEX for almost 1 year after paying the debt off to their debt collector in full. I have contacted AMEX on multiple occasions telling then this but they say it's still outstanding. Insultingly the have now offered to reduce the debt. The payment has gone to their nominated debt collector and I've double checked that. The reason I want to think about legal action against them is for the psychological harm their debt collection practice caused to me. I don't want to go into details here but my doc is satisfied it was down to that. Any ideas?? Thanks
  4. Tesco are a (Edit) and so are ASDA. Use GiffGaff - much better.
  5. I have signed my elderly parents to their BB and home phone deal. I have been trying for 2 days to get through to them but no answer. Total waiting time now nearly 4 hours!!! Consumer Direct say nothing I can do. I've sent them email after email. They take a week to reply. I have un-answered questions - what should I do? STAY AWAY FROM PRIMUS THEY ARE TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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