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  1. why are they in for a shock?
  2. I have a debt with the nationwide and my mums nationwide card got swallowed today and we live at the same address could this be related?
  3. Does anyone have an email address for KPR?
  4. Darren MO


    Has anybody ever tryed setting up a repayment plan with them? If so how easy/hard are they to deal with and i borrowed £100 so what sort of offer should i make on the plan?
  5. Right i have recieved a letter off Mackenzie Hall saying Mini credit have basically hired them to get me to pay up, i have already paid more than what i borrowed + 1months interest what should i do next as Mackenzie Hall want £850
  6. hi i just tryed to log on to the website and it said account blocked, what does this normally mean they are doing?Also if they pass it on to a debt collection agency will the agency email me or send a letter telling me or contact in another way?
  7. Ok i original borrowed £250 so would have had to repay them £330 , they have taken £255 from my account should i repay them anything else (they are saying i owe over £700) or could i refuse and would they take me to court or anyone else like a dca take me to court and win?
  8. I have recieved a letter today saying debt collectors will be coming to my house between 3-10 of november will they actually come around i have told them not to send collector agentsAny help would be appreciated
  9. I yesterday recieved a letter from Mini Credit stating that i owe £677 on a £330 loan that i have already paid £55 off. The notice says DOORStEP COLLECTOR NOTICE Despite all our efforts you have chosen not to settle our above outstanding account. We have no alternative but to esculate the matter. If full payment is not made by close of business on the 21st October 2011 the matter will be referred to our doorstep collections agent to recover this debt as they see fit. To avoid further unneccessary costs please ensure payment is sent by return. Should i worry about the debt collectors? Have others recieved these letters?
  10. At first they kept telling me they wouldn't do a payment plan with me because i don't qualify after a couple of weeks of me repeatedly emailing them i eventually sent them an email saying basically take me to court it was one i copied out of the library on here and they accepted a payment plan for the same amount i originally owed.
  11. I also wanna send them something concerning them threatening to contact employer
  12. I know they never have sent debt collectors but what can i put in a email telling them not to send people to my house?
  13. Just recieved this in an email from Mini credit We would like to remind you that your MiniCredit overdue loan balance is £504.00. If we are unable to recover full amount within next 10 days we'll send Your account to THE DOORSTEP COLLECTOR and You will incur extra costs. We may also contact Your employer and start legal action against You. We also report the status of Your outstanding account to Credit reference agencies. All this process affects your credit score adversely and ability to receive credit in the future. Best regards Minicredit.co.uk Debt Collection Team Tel: 08718903015 http://www.minicredit.co.uk/contact HOW SHOULD I RESPOND TO THEM?
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