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  1. Oh my god what does this mean? what is leave?
  2. Yes I have the paper work here! "No other enforcement action may be commenced without leave for so long as the defendant pays £20 per month towards the judgement debt"
  3. Sorry about the two fingers comment too, just wishful thinking I think!!!
  4. The judge has ordered them, back in March, that no other enforcement action may be taken as long as I pay £20 a month to them. Which is what I have religiouly stuck to!!
  5. I also never said I wanted to stick two fingers up to them, I have never denied the debt or tried to get out of it and I am paying back monthly what I can afford, but unfortunately I am on income support and a single mother to 2 children under 4 and money is tight. I need to protect my kids and also put a roof over their heads, what else am I meant to do??
  6. I told the judge there was little equity in the property and he just said, well the company wont get much of the money then will they! Im even more freaked out now!!! My house is up for sale as I need to get away from violent neighbours and protect my kids so what am I meant to do now???
  7. Thank you, I need all the help I can get!!!!
  8. Hi I'm hoping that some of you can give me advice. I was made redundant and couldnt repay Natwest a loan and overdraft back, so they lumped it together and got a ccj against me. As I am a single mum to 2 children (aged 1 and 3) and on benefits, I am paying them £20.00 pcm. The debt is now approx £16,000. They went back to court and got the judgment changed so the balance was due forthwith as they wanted to apply for a charging order which was granted. Just went back to court today, the charging order was made final even though both me and my ex opposed it. Both of us sent our le
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