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  1. I have followed your advice and am looking to go to a local solicitor who specialises in land/neighbour issues - thank you very much! It's nice to know there are good people out there too! Restores your faith!
  2. Thank you, that is helpful, I have looked for a specialist solicitor in our area and will look into that. Hope it doesn't cost too much!! I have just been made redundant too! I think I'm due good karma! Any more suggestions gladly welcomed.
  3. Hi, I have joined for some advice, if anyone can help: We receive LPG from a tank that sits on a neghbours land and has done for over 20 years. There is nothing in the deeds, but it has been there all the same. We recently complained about noise and a nuisance order was granted. As a malicious response the neighbour has stopped any acces to refill the gas tank and we are going to run out. Can he do this? He's very mean, we tried the nice ways to go about all this for six years, but he's too nasty and selfish. Help please before winter!
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