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  1. Thanks for your reply,one of the descriptors is that you can't move between 1 chair to another without assistance,the doctor clearly says I cannot do this in her summary so why hasn't she actually put it in the relevant section. Another descriptor is if you cannot pick up and move a 0.5l carton full of liquid,she states I couldn't even hold a piece of paper and have no grip and wrist movement yet then says none of the above apply when it comes to dexterity. It's almost like the form has been completed by 2 different people
  2. Hello, I asked for a copy of my assessment after being placed in the Wrag group of esa.Don't know if it's just me being stupid but i'm finding it hard to understand the contradictions in it. In her summary the Dr says that I cannot walk without assistance and is unable to use any aids due to severe arthritis in the hands yet in the physical activity section for this she says I cannot mobilise more than 100 metres unaided. She says I cannot rise from a chair without assistance and cannot stand for more than 2 minutes without assistance but in the physical section for standing and
  3. Hi, I am awaiting a medical for ESA,I had help from a welfare benefits officer filling my form in,one of my conditions means I lose control of my bladder 5/6 times a month,she felt sure this would meet one of the descriptors and I would be unlikely to be called for a medical,does anyone know if this is true please?She also advised me to send a letter back with my form asking for the name and job title of the person who decided I needed a face to face asessment and the name of the doctor who would be carrying this out,despite sending a letter asking for this information and phoning Jobcent
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