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  1. Hi guys, really sorry for my confusion, very much appreciate your efforts. Seems everyone is working much faster than me today lol Thank you
  2. Can I ask Why My Posts Have Been Removed Please? If you would like me to start a new thread please advise. I have had no notification of my posts being removed... I would be happy to make a new thread, I have all y content on the Wayback Machine Thanks
  3. Yes indeed, I found that out the hard way. Thing is, I (at the moment) can not see how I would get remedy, FDS are very well protected and I have to go through EON who play dumb. Its not very clever when I find a way to put them on notice and then blog the hell out of my route and experiences with FDS and EON. It feels my duty to Inform everyone of these >REDACTED< (I am now awaiting an appointment with my local Councillor). Having knowledge with Web Design and Development plus SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) will come in very handy. I totally intend to put
  4. I am aware of this treatment. Field Debt Solutions approached me at my door claiming to have a warrant of entry, (one of many lies they used) they KNEW I was classed as vulnerable prior to the visit. This was (later found out by The Ombudsman) allegedly to install a pre payment meter (They know I can not use one). Long story short: I was threatened with criminal damage, the police and them not moving till I let them in. They stated they had a warrant, they did not. One FDS employee was waving a crowbar and smiling, the other was basically terrorising me through the window.
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