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  1. does anyone have the initial letters i should send out to these companies??
  2. no problem thanks so you think i should go ahead and send them an email then to say i will not be paying then offering the new repayment plan??
  3. Yeah i think i will tell them!! was speaking to cccs today and they suggest that it could take to oct until they start to help me out but is it not better if i start proceeding myself asap??
  4. cant close it as i have an overdraft on it but going to tell the bank to stop all dd and cancel the card and then get paid into my new acc!!!! Seen some of the letters on here for sending asking for total etc is it worth while waiting till i default or starting the process now as i know i will default?? marty
  5. thank you!!! i have been reading quite a few of the threads! I have opened up a new basic acc with my current bank so i have a different acc no and debit card. Should i let the different payday companies that they will not be getting any money at the end of the month now??? Sending out my letters etc?? Marty
  6. Hi all?? I am really starting to worry of recent times as my PDL are starting to get on top of me?? I currently have 4 and seem to just be constantly rolling them over and causing my self to go into more debt to live any sort of lifestyle. below i have listed the ones i have at this present moment!! Cheque centres 1227 Quick quid 600 MEN 187 Wonga 341 I am able to roll these over this month again but i honestly need to set up a repayment plan for them. How do i go about doing this?? Should i contact them myself offering what i can afford each month on a pro rata scale??
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