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  1. Hi Jaws, I think it's time you got a basic bank account so you can start to rebuild your life. The Cooperative bank do a basic bank account ( cashcard ) which does no credit checks. It's called a Cashminder but you'll need an address and some sort of proof of where you are living. You'll need to go into the branch ( as long as none of your old debts are associated with them ). This card lets you do direct debits and pay online...etc.. But is no frills.. You don't get an overdraft either and you mustn't go into the red. I think this should be your first logical ste
  2. Hi, Just an update on my issue of JSA not being payed... I rang up and what happened is i had a 'new person' when i signed on.....and they forgot to update the details on their computer that i had been in etc. So they will be paying me tomorrow. I thought i would update this in case it happens to anyone else. Can't believe this can happen in this day and age but at least it is sorted. Regards, Stormski
  3. Hi, I was due to sign on the 8th....which means my payment was due to go into the bank on 11th.... I also noticed i had a weeks payment one week early and wondered what it was...( and yes i got stressed about it so looked here ). Now me and my partner signed on the 8th ( joint claim )......and haven't had a penny since... When is this payment supposed to actually hit the bank account? It's now 2 weeks since the 'half payment'.....and we are down to literally...£20...for electric. This has caused chaos as i had tried to organise payments so everything tied in...and
  4. Hi, Thanks for the replies... Going to fill out the ellens budget sheet this weekend and work out what is left. Pretty sure there won't be a lot but i do want to pay this off...so will probably offer £20 every 2 weeks ( after JSA comes in this will pay normal bill plus £10 arrears ). As i said before my girlfriend isn't bothered about a CCJ as Halifax has already assassinated her CRA wise. We're going to admit the claim but i'm a bit hacked off the way they went down the court route so quickly so they can add another £50 to the bill thus wiping out the payments ( we we
  5. Hi CitizenB, No...haven't filled that one in...will do it tomorrow.... I'm more worried about the house....as although she owns it ( i am not on deeds )...i did put a substantial amount of money on doing up the gardens etc... ( all my money not hers ). Regards, Stormski EDIT: We do have a solicitors agreement that anything i spend on house is still mine...for my own interests...
  6. Hi, Been an avid viewer of the forums for some time as it gives fantastic advice... Here's the story anyway... My girlfriend has had a MCOL from yorkshire water for the whole year ( we're not on a meter ). ..because we both started on JSA and couldn't pay it for 2 months as we were waiting for the claim to go through... As we were a couple of months late.. ..( due to just trying to keep the lights on ) they went straight down the court route... Claim is for £265 Solicitors £50 Court Fee £15 Now....i've acknowledged service for her ( it's in her name only as
  7. Personally...i wouldn't believe it for a second... Call my cynical...but there you go. Regards, Stormski
  8. Mrs Hippy.....currently working in the International Space Station...haha..like to see them post there. Regards, Stormski
  9. Greetings, I believe the jurisdiction part is if you are in another country...not a different part of the UK... So you should defend all and not question the jurisdiction. Statute barred is an absolute defence anyway...but you need to make sure it is. I'm sure others will be along to help soon. Regards, Stormski
  10. Greetings, This seems to be the main problem....Banks claim tax relief for the 'full debt' after inflating it as much as possible...and simply don't care about the circumstances of the debtor. They then sell it on which means someone else hounds you to pay a debt that has already been claimed for tax relief.... Banks should keep their debts...and actually converse with the debtor to a satisfactory conclusion.. Regarding DCA's....they shouldn't exist at all..just another arm of a very corrupt industry. The whole way things work needs reforming...selling of debts should
  11. The Cooperative bank do a basic cashminder account with a debit card. Halifax are idiots...and you need to transfer everything to a new account. If you don't have any accounts with Coop ( ie: you don't owe them ) then a basic cashminder account is perfect. You may need to go into a branch to apply ( do not ask for overdraft )...you get online banking ( it is slow to update so take notes on outgings )... But it is a good little account and you can get this..even with bad credit. I hope that helps. Regards, Stormski
  12. Personally...i would ignore.. But if you are really worried about it...SAR the original creditor...to find all the unlawful charges, PPI etc... Then work out if you owe them or they really owe you. ( others will be along to help soon i am sure ) Regards, Stormski
  13. Hi, Managing finances in this economy is not easy. I went from 45k a year to JSA in one foul swoop ( and no i didn't work for the financial sector ). Granted this was about 10 years ago. Been hand to mouth ever since due to the industry i am in ( leisure ). Having that sort of crash when the economy goes bump...There is absolutely nothing you can do to manage it. I can see an influx of civil servants coming onto this site in the imminent future. I bet they thought they had a job for life.. How wrong they were. Regards, Stormski
  14. Hi, You will get all the info here you need. In fact far better information than any fee paying dmp will give you. The usual advice is to start a thread on each debt giving as much info you can on it. ie: Original Creditor, type of debt ( credit card / loan / overdraft, etc ), how much is owed roughly, date taken out, whether it is now with a DCA etc. Then others will be able to assist you on the way forward. Regards, Stormski
  15. Hi, Well it is still worth trying to get to a Co-Op branch to make sure that they are going to try and open the 'correct' account. Also, once it is open..you can pay money in at a post office ( and withdraw ) as well as at ATM'S. As advised above..it is a good idea to keep a diary of what is in the account as it does tend to take a few days for the online banking to update with the correct figures...and you don't want to be falling into an unauthorised overdraft ( even though they should really never let this happen...bit sneaky ). Regards, Stormski
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